Hemp biomass 8$/lb Colorado

Hello, we have available 3000lbs of stormy Daniel’s and lifter. 10-12% CBD. Hand harvested, hand hung, and hand shucked. Available in colorado! $8/lb. 1,000lb minimum. Let’s do this


Damn, goodbye small hemp farmers.


Yep were out!

Yeah I’m sure you’re real small time boss.

here’s a couple pics

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Haha my wife and I farmed 17 acres I think that’s pretty small? I guess it’s all relative


Well that’s even more petrifying as a small farm lol.

We’ve processed 90% into crude that we cant give away. Trying to sell the last lbs and be done with hemp farming!


Did you sell smokeable?

The neighbor grew 10 acres of male/female. Our area is ruined indefinitely. Also another 500 acre m/f plot down the road.



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Well that was a fun year for us. Lol to bad I already spent $1450 on the license fir this year. Now I have to grow it.


May I ask how that ruined your area?
I assume by M/F, they let the field pollinate?

how much are you asking per kg of the crude?

40% seeds in our hemp that we babied like we do cannabis. Less cbd. Less weight. More headache. Less fun.


Gotcha. Sorry to hear that.

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Is there a hemp permit and testing showing less than .3%thc?

Beast mode!

hey rocky, i’m wondering who in the area was growing 1st? were the big guys w/500 acres already in the area? had they already decided on those farm practices? was that info available or did the state hide it?

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There were some big m/f farms in the area 2 years ago when we moved in that we weren’t aware of. Tbat year my neighbor 2 blocks away had a whole field that got seeded. Instead of plowing the seeds under he watered them and fed them nitrogen thinking he would cull the males. They got 12-15’ tall with tree trunk stalks and he gave up. There was enough pollen on that one parcel to pollinate a 10 mile radius.