Help with solventless lab build out

I work for a company that is looking to get into the solventless game. They want a decent quality build while still being relatively low cost. If anyone can list some good equipment they recommend or a rough build outline I would appreciate it

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Trash can and paddle. And used equipment from the forum.


Hammer drill, concrete stirrer, lowes pond pump 50g+ brute trash can, 2-3 smaller ones to hold the bags while you spray and scoop, bubble bags, cookie sheets, lots of parchment paper, freeze dryer (unavoidable high cost, people DIY this but it isn’t as efficient), chest freezers (fresh frozen is king. anyone who tells you different don’t know), air conditioner, extra wire and a knowledge of electronics to spice and lengthen the leads on the temp sensor so you can human centipede it’s temperature mouth to it’s ass.

Oh and a hose. And a large spoon. One that feels good in your hand that you can swing like a motherfucker when someone lets the cold air out of the room


LoL… Do not wake the sleeping giant…
When if finally F…king dawns on the butane and CO2 and EtOH (who are 25% there and don’t know it) “elite” that all you need for a one step high purity Cannabinoic acid extraction…
Is three plastic buckets (or 50 gal barrels), a Büchner funnel and a pH meter…still laughing…
It takes a bit of research to learn how to deal with “product”
…it is straight forward .
But perhaps these guys mean solventless as in pressed rosin?

Imagine a world with out cryo stainless, butane contamination, green black EtOH goo…winterization and fire marshals looking for C1D1/C1D2 compliance…etc…just FDA Gras food preparation Kitchen…HMM. …

@SubstituteCreature seems to be well on the way…we’ll have to call him Aqualung=save Aquaman for Lincoln.
@Onceovertwice definitely knows the “ropes”.


I appreciate that very much bro - I’ve worked so fucking hard to refine my process with just the bare minimum in terms of ‘extras’. I like teaching people how to be better with conceptual knowledge so they can do more with less. It feels so fucking good.

Also I would fuckin` love that name! My favorite person in the world (my dearly departed crazy ass uncle) would sing that song when he was high all the time - he was stone fucking deaf so there was no such thing as an ‘on’ note and he’d fill it with so much physical movement it would make Chris Farley tired :smiley:



Everything creature said + a cool bot if you’re not comfortable splicing the cords and messing with the temperature sensor. His idea is better if you guys are really tryna cut every cost ya can though.


I should do a write up on it - honestly it’s more the intimidation factor than anything as work-wise it’s just finding the temp sensor (A Thermistor really, A thermistor is a type of resistor whose resistance is strongly dependent on temperature, more so than in standard resistors. The word thermistor is a portmanteau of thermal and resistor .).

Find the thingy dingy, cut the leading wires in half, use 2 wire nuts to tap extensions on there and then BOOM


It just needs temps over 60f and it’ll kick the condenser on - once the condenser kicks on you can count on it staying on unless there’s other safeguards on the circuit (humidity sensor namely for iced out condenser fins). If you want the safeguard that the coolbot offers you can do the same thing by…

Titan makes ones with lower temp allowances, you can always get the same type (which goes lower to the 30s on the model I own) and have the sensor on the condenser fins so if it feels the ice forming it kills the power


Oh, and you’re going to want to use a relatively small room! This will save you some cost on a giant AC unit. 10x10 or less is ideal. Mine is 12x14 and takes over an hour to get down to temp, with a 24,500 btu air conditioner.

Any ideas on a cheap rez? I got a 200 gal drinking water safe barrel, think it was like $800 though. Gotta be a cheaper option.

I usually have used brute cans and the like over the years - scored one of those roto-molded reservoirs a few months ago from an auction and honestly it works exactly like one of the ol` brutes except It has a lid and holes drilled in it

Well, I mean when I built a farm I think our main tank was 500g or something though but otherwise outside of those purposes I like using brutes. From hash to growing I love the fuckers


Just filling up a couple brute barrels overnight with r.o water? I guess I’d be worried about running out of water before being able to get through 3-4 separate batches(of 4-5 washes each) My R.O only does 300 gal a day so I guess that’s the limiting factor.

If you plan ahead and get a 1000 gallon per day RO system, you could have it refilling these brute barrels all day while you work. The $800 or so you spend on this could save you the 800 you’d waste on a large rez.

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I don’t use RO usually. I’ll use filtered ice before I use filtered res water - I like the water to sit as little as possible before gettin` to washing


Ahh, I got the R.O because this book on solventless was pushing it hard, just to find out 95% of other hash makers in Humboldt just use filtered water. :man_facepalming:t3: Guess maybe if you’re looking to win a cup, R.O might be worth it. Otherwise it seems I may have been tricked into unnecessary equipment.

I think we should have additional descriptors for solventless.

  1. Solventless-mechanical
  2. Solventless-molecular

The former throws away the water, the latter keeps the water.


That fully depends on whether or not you’re trying to make compliant hash and your water is clean. Some people have the advantage of having clean water supply. If you do not use RO you could run the risk of failing analytics. I also run RO water to my ice maker. I recirculate the water in my rez through a water chiller. The RO system is feed into a float valve and my sprayer is connected to jet pump with pressure switch to blast cold RO

Whether or not your water is clean enough without filtration can be determined by giving it a test before using it


perhaps these guys mean solventless as in pressed rosin?

Yes, for sure anyone in cannabis talking about solventless is referring to rosin

Edit: leaning how quotes work here

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Hadn’t considered the compliance side! Probably good to get it pinned down if that’s what the OP is going for.

We’re lucky enough to have a store up here with 20lb bags of R.O ice for 5 a piece, they definitely know their market. Suppose OP may need an ice maker as well, any recommendations on a machine with relatively user friendly maintenance?

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