Help with sauce 🙋‍♂️

Trying to achieve this end product any help :pray:
Pure propane chilled to -60f , precision x10 recovery temp at 89f any tips on what to look for on recovery side cant seem to achieve this consistency always getting a foam( ps: recovering to around 5 psi)
Was wondering if switching to 70/30 butane/propane
Will make the change we need please all and any opinions or tips are greatly appreciated

that is not sauce. nor an end product. that looks like 2/3rd butane. end point is likely days away.

if you want a liquid you can pour, you need butane in your mix, or need to do your pour a whole lot colder…


It looks more like pan crystallization tek using ethanol. What makes me think so is the large amount of almost saturated solution in such a small dish.

Also if it was a butane solution the cooling effect of evaporation would probably have caused the glass to collect condensation. The turbulence on the top of the solution coupled with the lack of a heat source is a dead giveaway that the solution isn’t very saturated.

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ethanol wouldn’t be boiling at room temp

@pdxcanna it doesn’t look like its boiling at all, it looks like a fan is blowing on a dilute solution.

A buane solution tends to make kind of a mess on the sides of the dish its evaporated in, even before fully reaching saturation. That’s what really convinced me its an ethanol solution. But I’m wrong all the time lol.

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Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 9.36.50 PM

I’m not convinced.

either way there is still a ton of solvent in there…


Yeah on second thought that does look thick like sauce.

the all knowing one thinks it might be a curry!!


Is that what DAF uses to make those carbonated terps? :joy:


You’re getting a foam every time because propane boils off at -42c, so as soon as you open your spout to dump your oil the propane vaporizes at atmospheric pressure and ambient temp, you’ll get a foam or cheeto puffs. 70/30 B/P will definitely come out a liquid tho.


So when we gonna see someone try and crash some pho diamonds in a deep freezer :thinking:. Man id love to try some of that

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Start here.

Crashing out THCa in a pyrex

Read linked threads too.

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He said PHO. I think you posted the wrong link?

If you switched to 70/30 it should work much better . Alternatively you could take nbutane and inject 1lb of it into your collection chamber before you dump your column so at the end of recovery all of your PHO will be dissolved in the 1lb of nbutane for your pour so you will not run into this foam issue . While purging use the least amount of heat and low vac between -10 -15 HG to purge sauce fraction or it will turn more into a jelly consistancy


This is the tek right here. This tek made some of my favorite batches, those propane terps are something else, man.

Gonna order some nbutane tomorrow and lets see these results

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sure, except for the part where “why doesn’t mine look like this”.

because: “butane”.

wrapping ones head around that makes the responses above and below (add butane to your arsenal) make more sense.


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@cyclopath, my favorite internet detective :male_detective:


Sorry I thought you were replying to og_extracts.
I been running 50/25/25 for a few years now. Terps are def better than when I ran straight butane.

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Are you stoned or something? :wink:

Yeah, replied to thread.

Couldn’t be bothered scrolling to reply to OP (but they get notifications anyway, on all replies to their thread).

Had I been replying to @og_extracts I might have pointed out that if one understands the relationship between pressure/phase change/temperature then one wouldn’t necessarily need that freezer…

Cause most don’t have rated freezers.

Propane - Thermophysical properties

Just a little argon or N2…
And a miner at b150PSI @25C
PRV at 350PSI. Don’t go above 50C.
Only with gear rated/tested for than trick

Edit: thanks. OP could probably benefit from this too :nerd_face: