Crashing out THCa in a pyrex

Wasup y’all , I’m pretty familiar with OTSCC diamond tek with mason jars and have great uniform results.

But was wondering what people do to crash out Thca in entire Pyrex pans. Do they use a vacuum oven like a pressure vessel?

Thanks, any input would be cool!

The tek I used was with these pyrex pans with lids. You may lay a parchment down if you’d like. You can pretty much cross apply jar tek temps and handling with pan tek, the only difference is residual solvent pressure is going to be much less. You could try to weight the lid or affix it to the pan but the crystal growth happens regardless. In my experience this makes more small crystals and you don’t get the terp layer that you get in jar tek, you just get a crystallized layer of thca of whatever color your terp layer was.

I’ve seen some people briefly submerge it in a hot water bath or put it on a hot mat to do a quick pre-purge as you’ll likely be pouring v wet.

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Crystalization = purity of extract

Don’t matter the container, but one would want some that plays safe w solvents


@SavoringEsteban in my expirience I’ve found 2 repeatable ways to crystalize in a Pyrex. Simply pour and wait, ive seen this take up to 7 days to stop forming depending on the quality of your extract. Second method is pour, allow the majority of your butane to evap and gently whip 2-3 times. Every time you whip you should be able to see more and more seeding. Let it sit over night and it forms up usually by the next morning if not by the 48 hour mark. Good luck!