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I just started doing wholesale pre rolls. My partner wants to charge 3 a piece for these. They are 1 1/4 cones filled with cbg, brushed with D8 distillate then rolled in cbg kief. I’m not sure what to charge but I know we don’t want to price too low or too high. What are y’all’s opinions?

Please be kind some of y’all are really wound too tight. . .

Peace and light

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Do they burn?

Coa for each product used?


What do you mean of course they burn and smoke well. I do have COAs for each product.


No matter how mad @sidco gets, I like to buy prerolls. I don’t know what market you are in, but here is my experience with retail pricing:

Nevada: $25
Oregon: $17-25
Washington: $20
California: $15-25

Full gram, fortified prerolls are expensive! Do you have COAs for all of the ingredients and tight controls on measuring the different parts?


I mean 70% of pre rolls you buy burn like shit…

Not saying yours do, that’s why I was asking.


I have all COAs I posted them above. I am very accurate with my distillate. The kief I weigh out and do 10 at a time the pre rolls I weigh after filled.

I am looking for wholesale pricing. We sold 50 at $3 to a shop but idk if that price is good or not. This is my first time really selling wholesale.

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Where are you located?

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I think they burn well. I pack a lot of pre rolls by hand and larger wraps as well. Never gotten any complaints. I guess maybe that’s why I was unsure what you were asking lol

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I’m in Tennessee

$3 is a good price wholesale. Those look good too. Up in PA here.


Thank you. :green_heart:

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When considering pricing, you need to work both ends to the middle. On one side is what the market will bear and on the other side is what you need to make a profit. If you are selling like crazy and not making money, that’s no good. If you are priced at a healthy profit and the product doesn’t move, that’s also not good.

Figure your costs to the penny including things you don’t think about like waste, mistakes, your time, helpers, transportation, shipping costs, tools, space, all of it.

Do you research and figure out what infused prerolls sell for your area. Use weed maps to make it easier but also go shopping. Buy competitive products. Ask the bud tenders what sells and why.

Once you know your costs and what the market will bear, figure yourself out. Who are you, what is your brand? Are you fun, sophisticated, top shelf, accessible? Find your place on the shelf and start to build your brand. High end prices mean lots more packaging cost. Going in too low might leave money on the table.

Keep us posted!!




Great information thank you. My main concern is doing damage to the market. She is distributing nationwide so it is a bit of unknown territory. I know my local market well and my costs. I tend to under price. :green_heart:

I tend to prefer the term “hempdust”


Putting aside my distaste for adding green keif and borderline synthetic cannabinoids on top of a perfectly fine joint that’s hopefully not dollar a pound biomass

I think packaged properly you could charge close to double that…
Assuming these will retail for $15-$20


B&Ms like to triple

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You are too cheap, I have a nursery in TN and have a good feel for the market sourounding Chattanooga. A lot of farmers are paying Kat’s naturals and other co packers $2.50 per pre-roll, rolled as a service, that doesnt even include a dub tube.
D8 is till on fire in the south east, especially Atlanta. Given your time and apparant quality you need to be at $5-$6 wholesale for the SE market. If you need some help connecting with TN/GA/SC CBD stores/buyers shoot me a DM. Happy to pass some contacts along, will need to see the product.


Any tips on what farmers are looking for in co-packers/processors/etc. and what they would like to see in one? It seems like all the farmers around me get wooed by fancy processors that use buzzwords and large processing capabilities as their sales pitch.

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Thanks. I don’t use biomass at all not even for my oils. As a certified herbalist I feel that is pulling wool over my clientele’s eyes and not providing a quality product. That’s just me tho. I know others feel differently