Help with gummy flavor fading

Hey all. I nake a batch of gummies, then dry them. They smell and taste delicious. Then I bag then in 1 gallon bags for storage. After that they taste like the flavor has faded out, and I taste more plain gelatin and they make me gag. I have tried using flavoring oil, jolly rancher gelatin and drink mixes, and they all do the same thing. Any suggestions.

Loran’s flavouring oil’s

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Use citric acid

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That will definitely improve things significantly. Malic acid too. Combo of the two will be a lot more consistent with what people expect in a store bought gummy candy.

I can’t even imagine a candy without one of the two as they’re in every major brand I can think of. Sometimes fumaric acid but that’s a bit more advanced.


I’ve made gummi’s with jello powder in the past and they were amazing, albeit extremely sticky.