Help with edible recipes

I am trying to expand past traditional Edibles like cereal bars , cookies , brownies , etc … I want to expand my product and offer something unique , are there any cool ideas for unique or different edibles? Looking for potency

Think of a recipe that’s unique, Google how to make that recipe but with Weeeed.


I even Saved you all that time you took to post the most general question i have seen in awhile.



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NVM domain is taken lol

The industry is going in every direction. I recommend think of thngs that are more boutique or hipster-ish, honestly. Think of things that can be incorporated into life in a lot of ways. Message me if you need consulting! I’m a formulation chemist.

Yeah but have you ever tried recipes…



Chex mix? Figure out a way to make them 100 calorie snack packs with like 100mg a serving or whatever the dosage you wanted.

Anything savory, you don’t see too many savory edibles out there. Maybe there’s a market for it.


I make cannabutter

A few people and I use it to dip crab legs into.




Any recipe that calls for oil or butter, you can infuse cannabis in.

Infuse oil or butter (decarb before) then make as directed.

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Red Italian dressing

Anything someone would want
Ketchup hot sauce pesto
Caramel candy chocolateS
Ice cream

my little brother homoginizes it in Olive oil and uses it for anything with olive oil.



Warm yeast rolls dipped in canna-oil/butter!!

I like ice cream a lot, I usually do a coffee flavored Philadelphia style. I use a very small, extremely saturated amount of infused coconut oil to get the THC in to it

I was going to do condiment packages (mayo, ketchup, honey, lime juice) for people to medicate on the go. But then I felt guilt about the waste I would create…

I was thinking that people could use them at fast-food restaurants and when they were eating out.


Cheese, Flavored Creamer, Mayo
You could try and capture a cross section of markets by making vegan versions of products. Not much that hasn’t been done.

Lol canna-mayo… reminds me of the first time I made liposomes and destroyed like $6k worth of product in the process and instead somehow made an ultra stabilized mayonaise product


I’ve been meaning to make infused ranch, infusing the mayo seems to be the best way to go about it

Lol I made fudge once for a friend because he got his tonsils removed. I have never put so much sugar into one recipe! So gross! Haha