Help with clamp (lol)

So I just received some clamps for my rack, but for what ever reason they pipe threads (npt) so I can not just use a bolt to attach them to the rack. I know they make adapters that go npt to bolt thread but for the life of me I can not find them online a little help would be amazing.

These are brackets
And these are the clamps

Not sure what you have exactly but hope this helps.

Your rack needs to be 1.5" for it to fit.

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Yes unfortunately that’s not what I am referring too as I bought those clamps and my rack is 1in

This what I am looking for it’s like a bushing but goes from 1/2 pipe to bolt thread and I can’t find it for the life of me even though I have two and have no clue where they came from :confused:


If it’s all npt you can buy this at home depot

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Npt to just typical bolt?

I’m wrong! Don’t listen to me.

This is a suitable replacement.
You just need a 1/2” npt bolt

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I am Contemplating just making one from a npt bushing with a drill and tap

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Not a bad plan.

Let me know what you figure out. I’ve been using 1/2” gas pipe nipple to a gas pipe flange


I think straight pipe thread are called orb fittings.

Something like this?

Edit : 1/2 to 1/2 looks hard to find.

Fuck me boys. Go buy pipe nipples for like a buck and a quarter, cut the fucker in half, and weld it to something suitable…pics to follow


Yeah that would work! Hardware factory store sells these clamps which I meant to buy hopefully they ship them I think they are closed due to the virus

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No unfortunately I was referring too npt x bolt thread

If you cut a 1/2" pipe nipple in half, the hex head of a 3/8 fastener fits in the bore of the pipe. Weld that thing in there…then stack an assortment if random washers in there to make it fit. If your lucky…you built a rack out of support struts, and have the necessary fasteners on hand…

Worked in a pinch for me. Worked so well I haven’t changed it up lol.

I’ve told y all I’m a redneck…


Shit that’s the stuff, I think I gotta pick up a tig zapper, would be a handy thing to have, I also have a bunch exhaust work I want to do


You need to do it. I firmly believe a man should be able to melt metal together and make shit stick. Once you figure it out…the world of fabrication opens up to you…


Welding is for sure your quickest easiest option but 1/2" NPT is a 14 pitch, so you could pretty easily open up a bushing with a 15/16 drill and have enough thread left to make starting a 1"-14 NS tap pretty easy. Of course then you need a 1"-14 bolt but there’s something to wrap your pickle around.


These ones work great.

I was thinking of possibly getting a 1/2x3/8 bushing drilling it out and starting a fresh tap through it