Help!! Winterized BHO w/ floraplex terms for use in ccell

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance…

First time using the floraplex terpenes. Used both the diluent and the sour diesel strain blend. Great starting material, winterized and purged as usual. Everything is good until I add my usual ratio of diluent + strain terp. (Have always used true terps in the past) The ratio I used with true terp products was way too much for the floraplex products I used. the aroma coming off the mixture was overwhelming. I filled a cart up to test it out, and of course the taste was too much and it burned the throat. Without having any more wintwrized product on hand to dilute, I decided to put the oil on my hot plate, to gently boil off some of the volatile terpenes… after about an hour, I was down a few ml, so I let sit to room temperature to check viscosity, it was good, so I filled another cart, tested, and it at that point it was at least presentable

. Next morning, everything had clouded over. Not sure if it crystallized or what. Anything I can do to reverse this solidification and also prevent in the future? Obviously this is a result of my trying to boil off excessive terpenes, but I still don’t really understand it!

Sorry for the confusing placement of photos, first post and I’m on my cell at work. Been creeping around here for the past year, figured I would reach out for some answers this time!

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any reason you didn’t follow the manufactures recommendations?

or any of the dozens of recipes for using floraplex terpenes and diluent posted around here? Search results for 'floraplex' - Future4200

can you see the similarity in protocol & results?

decarbing your oil will reduce the viscosity, and make it impossible for it to crystallize (assuming THC dominant). Not saying that is mission critical, but it would be one way out of your current fix.

you’ll lose terpenes and probably darken your product during decarb. as you’re adding terpenes, the former isn’t that big a deal. not sure how your market feels about color.


The only thing I didn’t follow was the terpene ratio formula. I haven’t seen any manufacture suggestions of decarbing. I understand how decarbing affects viscosity and crystallization, My idea here was to not decarb. I often decarb live resin in a sealed off jar to make a flowable oil that doesn’t clog a 1ml cartridge, so I get it… I know it’s not necessary to decarb winterized oil tho because I’ve had quite a few succesful batches. Although im sure a decarb is the only way out of that soup

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Right, and it bit you :worried:

Not trying to flog that horse at your expense. More about pointing out the preferred path for those following later.

I’m a molecular biologist by training, and one of the few things I learned in 20years in the lab was that following “grandma’s recipe” (published protocol or lab SOP) exactly at least once before making changes makes a huge difference in your overall success rate.

Drew the parallel with deliberately sugaring shatter for the same reason.

I have been able to revert sugar to shatter in ~1-3gm quantities with gentle heat, but anything over that always sugars back up fairly quickly. Suggesting to me that melting ALL the (seed) crystals is just not happening. Which is why I’d decarb this batch to try and salvage it.


thanks for the info bud. Being impatient always gets me, yet I keep it up. trial and error usually ends up being my learning method :man_facepalming:

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my father once posited “If you learned from your mistakes, you’d be a %&^#@ing genius by now…”.

He wasn’t wrong.

Its just taking me a hair longer than expected to accumulate the required 5x106 mistakes :wink:


Just wanted to post an update in case someone stumbles upon this with a similar problem. Decarb did the trick, filled carts a few weeks ago and no crystallization has occured. Def sacrificed color, but salvaged pretty nice! In the future I’ll be decarbing all oil for carts.

Side note: I enjoy the floraplex products I’ve used (diluent, skittlez, sour diesel, fruity pebble OG) they’re definitely a bit stronger than the true terps I’ve ran( green crack, strawnana, gelato, lemon skunk, banana kush, og kush) Gelato and strawnana from TT we’re amazing. I couldn’t give away the lemon skunks, stay away from that!


Looking good! Thanks @cyclopath for helping out @saadams!

Saadams thanks for the kind words! We’re stoked you like the products. If you want to try something or a few strain blends DM me and we’ll get you hooked up :slight_smile:


I cant quote all fancy like with the forum tools…but…

Cyclopath " I’m a molecular biologist by training, and one of the few things I learned in 20years in the lab was that following “grandma’s recipe” (published protocol or lab SOP) exactly at least once before making changes makes a huge difference in your overall success rate."

I currently train people, in my trade(non cannabis), and that is the golden piece of advice I try to offer apprentices. Follow the tried and true path first, so you can be successful, and learn to understand why your doing what your doing. I am teaching foundational trade skills, but following an SOP is no different.

I just wanted to highlight that quote…someone may need to read that gem.

OP, I put straight BHO, ran at -70 and fast, that I decarb, straight into cartridges with 2 mil holes. I have used floraplex diluent in the past, and will continue to use it when necessary, but I find its necessity strain dependent. I make my own, for myself, so being able to rock decarbed BHO in a cart very successfully has been monumental, which decarbing has obviously allowed.


Great products :ok_hand:

Why not use alcohol? Or heat it up till it takes the viscosity of distillate. Use ccells

Back in the day when I was working with an electrician he had a sticker that said “real men read the instructions.” I was putting together a funky ceiling fan after having put together 100 before it and it was giving me some trouble. I asked boss man what was wrong and he asked me if I read the instructions. I said “I’ve done 100+ fans!” He said “but have you done this fan?” Long story short the fan was up 15 minutes later and ever since I have read the instructions on fuckin everything. That goes double for SOPs!

I’m glad you got it all sorted man! I’m sure this thread will do someone some good one day.

Now getcha self some HTE and really taste the rainbow ;).