Shatter to Crumb. Whats Happening?


Hey All,

So I do hydrocarbon extractions and have been running experiments on my oil.

One of them taking my shatter and turning it into “crumble.” I purge my slabs at 92-98f for two days then give them a light whip. After lightly whipping I set my oven to 100-105f and pull vac to -29inHg. After whipping and pulling vac, my oil looks like it’s muffin topping all over again, however, I know that’s not the case. I’ve been having great success with this technique and almost a 90% success rate going from shatter to crumb. The other 10% of the time I’ve realized I’ve either whipped too much and end up with badder or the strain itself just will not crumb up.

My question is: what’s going at the molecular level when I lightly whip my shatter and throw it back into my oven?

I want to say partially decarbbed, but as of my understand removing the carboxyl group normally occurs around 200-220f. So, what’s really going, what separation is occurring to allow my shatter to crumb up, is it even separation?
What’s chemically happening in order for this to occur?

I genuinely want to have a full understand of what’s happening at the molecular level with my process.

Thanks in advance,


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look at it under a microscope.

you will see that you’re making crystals.

you are removing solvent (terpenes), and providing nucleation points for the crystallization process.

your fails are most likely higher in terps.



Basically u disturbed the structure and its rearranging…u can always redisolve and go back to shatter but u will lose some Terps