Help understanding color remediation

Hi how’s it goin just trying to understand where the color remediation Column is located

I have the basic understandings of what’s going on just trying to figure out where exactly is it paced? Is t right underneath your material column?

I know i sounds like it will suck but just go read the whole CRC thread, its all there and you will understand the process so much more… info is already there just @BG305 has my :spoon:


By your questions it seems you have a general understanding that this tech will remediate color. :grin:


if you have a basic understanding you would know you pass the solvent laden cannabinoid mixture through the column to adsorb the color pigments. Exactly where you place it depends on your system, but with the basic understanding and knowledge of working your system, you should know exactly what you need to do.

Not trying to be a dick, but if you’re still unsure, I’d recommend reading the entire thread a few times. I haven’t run a CRC yet but I have no doubts in my mind in how I will run it when the time comes.

To be completely honest, I read that thread once a week and still get valuable information from it as my knowledge increases and I grasp points I missed before.


you could put it in the next room if you wanted to.
stop trying to build a 14’ tall extractor :wink:

what are you trying to achieve?
remove color
From what?
resin laden solvent
before you recover the solvent
So how do you PLUMB that?

@BG305 also confiscated my :spoon: so had to use :fork_and_knife:

If you actually go read the threads involved, you’ll see the @Waxplug1 could have done it in the next room without plumbing.[not a recommended follow-along exercise ]

Edit: it also turns out I’m under nda for how the one I used before it was a thing was plumbed…:zipper_mouth_face:


Mine is

Every one who has read the thread seems to be successful it will take lots of trial and error and lots of r and d but in the long run it will be very benificial for u i started reading it when there was 700 post now i read it every day still trying to get my sop down better some people are going strait under the tube some are running inbetween dif stroke dif folks the real masters are on the tbread tho do your self a favor eead the whole thing


Color is not everything .

With that said , place it somewhere before your collection base in a CLS system .


Hey all, can someone please link the “original CRC thread”? I searched but couldn’t find the exact one (I think, forum newbie here…)

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this is the original thread that started it all

Above post starter thread ,Then this one finished it





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