Help on decarb diamond

Hi Eveyonne
Im doing some diamound decarb , and i read around 200F for like 4 hours should done the work but even after 10 hours noting happen. So i put the tempat 240F its buble well but , not all the diamound melt.
What do you think , is is my diamound quality ? or am i doing somthing wrong?

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What hardware are you using? Can you provide a pic?

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yeah, decarbing how? with what equipment? how much diamonds? are the diamonds clean or still covered in terps/THC?

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200 F is way too low, 212 F is 100 C.

Crank it up to 120-140 C and let it go. (Try 280 F)


240F is correct, maintain that temp until the bubbling stops. I would guess 4-26 hours without any more details.

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Hello and first thanks to the community

I have to say I’m in the worse country ever for what we are passionate , we are famous for cheese , pan and wine , not realy our diamound cart ,
You get me
Here only fake cart with bad d9 and liquidizer …

So I’m just starting with the typical équipent wich mean kitchen oven , good diamound from legit source overseas .

So yeah I’m a beginner sorry for all the pro around … I don’t want to do blasphemy , some have to start from the base ,

I will follow your advice and see …

I read that I can add 15 %HTE at the last moment , I was thinking 5% CDT and 5% cbc as well
So HTE have to decarb as well but at the last moment , someone can clarify this for me please ?
Thanks again everybody
If you want you can com in private message .


If you’re running diamonds into d9, the thickness of your HTE/CDT matters. If your flavor is watery and the climate doesn’t get very cold (ambient 60-70 F+/ 15-21C), you can get away without the CBC. If its thicknasty, sludge HTE, it is going to take a lot more, and you may want the CBC. 15% HTE is more normal if its thicker, the watery refined terpenes are usually added between 4-9%.


no worries! this is a good place to learn.

raise your temp on the decarb. you will know it’s done when the bubbles slow/stop…
do not try to decarb the HTE. that will ruin the flavor and burn off all your terps.

When the diamonds are all melted and have stopped bubbling, mix it with the HTE/CBC.

I would also not add both HTE and CDT. That sounds harsh.
Do one or the other, in the concentrations @NewLevelProcess mentioned.


Sorry I don t get it
You mean running diamound into d9 = diamound+d9
Im only decarb diamound alone

Ah yes thanks for you re welcoming

So I will try one or the other and both to get my idea
I bought my CDT from someone in this place I don t know if I can say his company , but this guy who is helpful told me some people like to add both HTE and CDT

Yeah, some people may like it… I just have not tried it before. too much terpenes can be harsh when vaping.
You need very little of the CDT. around 5%.
HTE is usually 15-20% because it is less pure than the CDT you have.

I prefer HTE though. Tastes more like the actual flower/concentrate.


running diamonds into D9 means = decarbing.
you turn your THCa (diamonds) into D9 THC (oil) by decarbing


If you’re melting THCa, raise your temp as many others have mentioned.

One thing you might want to consider is to track the weight loss to see how complete your decarb is. Theoretically, if you put in 1000g, you should have 877g of D9 when its fully decarbed. This assumes 100% pure THCa so I doubt its a real world thing, but we try and get it to drop at least 12% to avoid bubbling in carts due to leftover THCa that might decarb later when filling carts and the oil is heated again.



You’d do better learning how to search this place and spending a couple of days reading.

Did you search for “decarb diamonds”?!?

I suggest “rosin cart” as another decent starting point.

Do you understand how one gets the thca and hte separate?

YOC Dirty Diamond Tek - THCa isolation from Crude

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Totally get it
So whe we say 5%cdt it’s 5% of the diamound or 5% of the total
I think this post is good to start with basic question because here it can be hard a lot of people are speaking professional , for not English native it can be hard to get all the subtility or basics

As I said
And your are one of the guy that it’s hard for me to understand and évent Google translate can’t
So yeah I past time to read around with this account and other because again here it’s not legal I have to do it smart .
But English can be hard and reading you guys as well

Yeah I read this one several times I will read again
And to reply to you no I don t get the HTE separate if diamond
My guy sold me HTE and Diamond separately what I can say is my diamond are clear like diamond but smell good oil
After my guy is a big seller not chemical guy

You are not asking NEW questions. You are asking noob questions.

That is not derisive. It is fact.

If you are not asking NEW questions, the answers are already here. All you have to do is find and understand them. Asking clarifying questions in extant threads helps the next noob, and keeps information organized.

Yep, language barriers suck.

And vacuum make a great antioxidant…ideally you’d suck on your thca isolate when heating so it doesn’t turn purple…

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I never said new but basic
Basic for a noob , just ask people to reply with different way or speaking and I get some , refresh is not a bad thing , we are not speaking about sending a man on the moon . But making thc cart. I m old skool I like to spea k directly to people.
Teaching and learning is only repeating .
I admit that I should read more and more.
No worries later chatGapt will do the job , and then no more noob around just big professional.

But thanks for your time and you reply I will study the forum deeper , believe me with family and work I’m spending lot of time on it but maybe not enough.

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Have you read any of the links provided so far?

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