Help creating a homogenized cannabis syrup


Was wondering what base for the syrup would be?

I can get the distillate into agave nectar fairly easy but the shelf life on that homogenization is short lived.

Was wondering if anyone else had suggestions on what could be used I see these products like liquid karma that seem like a perfectly infused stable syrup and I am looking to replicate that.


They use emulsifiers and powerful homogenization equipment to achieve it.


i have a 2000$ homoginizer so hopefully I have that covered, do you know which emulsifiers?


you need something food grade like lecithin


So will lecithin and distillate infused in agave take lomg to separate ?any chance of a link to the machine you use im new and was hopeing ti make agave and distillate syrup that wont separate so quick


Theres this shit called thickener sold by mrextractor, supposed to have similar visocsity to distillate so people use it to cut distillate.

Formula 47 is the one I think. Anyways if its able to make a stable mixture with distillate maybe it will help in your formulation.