Help consultation need it

Hi everyone some body can help me with consultation
I need to know how to use my carbón chemistry
T-41 to Bleach my cbd oil

if you wanna be spoonfed is a start, the membership includes phone consults and SOPs


Feel free to reach out to me here over DM


see: Go fund @davidb for consulting with heart

see: EHO Color Remediation if you’d like to try figuring it out on your own (only guessing at how your “oil” was made).

tell us a little more, and you might get all you need right here…

what are you actually working with?
did you make it?

what makes you think T41 is the solution?!?


Hi… well i have winterized cbd oil Made from crude oil.

I had the crude oil and then i winterized. Once i did this i removed the ethanol. The oil came out how i wanted it to. I was looking at options to make It lighter which Is why i decided to use t41. So i have a dark oil at the moment and not sure how to use the t41 to get a lighter color. 1. Retest using.

so purchased crude? What volume?

what is your background?

seems like a disconnect between


did you read through the ethanol color remediation thread?
Follow any of the liked threads in there?

why does it need to be a different color? (what are you planning on doing with it that it needs to be a blonde rather than a brunette?)

  1. Dissolve oil in ethanol or solvent of choice.
  2. Add T41 to the solution and stir
  3. Filter out the t41 you added
  4. Purge solvent off
  5. Enjoy

Thank you for the info

Temperature plays a roll, too

@Shadownaught has an AMA. Check it out

Seems easy