Heavy metals remediation thread!

hey there yall

first time I seen any heavy metals in a hemp COA, on a batch of crude I extracted with cryo-ethanol.
I’m always up for a challenge and I’d like to be able to fix this for the farmer.

0.21 mg/kg

Cadmium is a wonderful source for red pigment, you’ll recognize it for the vivid hues of orange, yellow, and red found in Van Gogh and Monet’s paintings.

It is also unfortunately a product of phosphate based fertilizers and is readily absorbed by hemp and cannabis, and is a well known toxin that is often found in tobacco crops.

I know that @Shadownaught has some great filter medium that can trap heavy metals (T-5, DGC, Alumina) and I am in the process of getting set up as a distributor for carbon chemistry products, currently opening up a storefront this fall in NE Wisconsin for extraction supplies, this will certainly be the test that proves CC’s media efficacy atleast in terms of trapping cadmium.

Any other techniques out there that yall can share when it comes to heavy metal removal?
What is the most you have seen in a COA? is .21mg/kg a high amount?

I don’t often see COAs for heavy metal tests supplied for hemp product here in wisco- and I am realizing now with the sheer influx of new farmers coupled with hemps powerful ability to strip contaminants from soil just how important it will be to request for metals testing as a standard.

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If the metal is heavy, you should be able to centrifuge it out


is the lab iso certified?

Which lab?

heavy metals in the coa

the lab that tested the sample.

Yes. Iso 17025

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also 9001?

Why tho?

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I am super interested in the topic, as WA will eventually require testing. Anyone got real solid info on this?

@shadownaught does