HASH Rosin experienced tech needed

We have a licensed facility in Long beach. Trying to add a small Hash rosin team to our extraction group. Need to have solid experience and be able to work full time.

message me for details, please


What compensation is being offered ?


@SubstituteCreature should give this a look.


Hash rosin is relevant to my interests!

Dog here. Dog make rosin. Rosin make tasty. Tasty make happy.

I make shit like this with a closet sized room, a hammer drill and a trash can. No fanciness.

What’s the position responsibilities? Post processing? Pressing? Washing? Any support staff doing cleaning while the rosin guy does rosin things? What sort of gear do you have to work with? What formats are you looking to create? Is there a gameplan/roadmap in place for milestones in terms of growth or is this a ‘by the seat of our pants’ type thing? Are there current employees involved in rosin pressing in any way shape or form that will need additional training on top of developing rosin in a commercial setting? If there are employees who do have experience with rosin already are there workflow patterns already developed that will need to be relearned and retooled (on the hired party’s end that is)? There are a lot of questions which would absolutely decide if this is a worthwhile opportunity that isn’t answered.

Lastly - pay as pay doesn’t mean anything if you do so much work your body is half dead - at that point you can just pretty much use money as a blanket.

Hash rosin is the most expensive concentrate on the market and the guys who make it in new and exciting ways (aka me) know it. We need reasons not to reach for the brass ring and help people build their business vs. building our own.

Not being a jerk but we’ve seen a lot of very vague posts about this lately and wanted to give you the insight into how they’re (rosin jerks) thinking. Whenever we see ‘message about details’ most people brace for impact.


Ya I’ll come help you make hash, but you will own a lot less of your company in exchange :ok_hand::muscle:


“Remember that vertical bag of powder you call a spine? Boy wasn’t that fun while you still had it? Ok lets hand wash a 10kg run now, by lets i mean you, the REAL work gets done on the golf course amirite?”

  • cracks bullwhip and leaves with clubs over the shoulder-

That all depends on equipment experience, SOP and how much time you like to spend with us.

here is more info:

Goal is to make 6 kilos per day
Tech needs to put together an equipment list to purchase immediately
Tech needs to lead the solventless team to achieve 6k per 24 hours (up to 5-7 team members across all shifts)
at the end of the day we are looking for someone that has experience with solventless equipment to get to 6ks as soon equipment is delivered. it’s your department, handle it.
Biomass, staff and pay won’t be an issue. partnership is not an option but solid pay with bonus sure!


Tech probably needs to be a single adult with no family or relocation needed. This is long Beach.

Unless you got 80k+ for a rosin guy, this isn’t a relocation opportunity imo. 50k you won’t survive out there let alone with your family.

Most people who haven’t lived in LA or Long Beach have no concept of the cost of living. No matter how many times they’re warned.


So for perspective, this is like a mid level management position?

Running a team of 5-7 people is not exactly a ‘tech’ position I would say.

The techs are the ones being told what to do.


I’m saying there’s plenty of locals and this opportunity is no different than managing a restaurant. Title doesn’t imply much when your bills are 4000mo just to exist in a hole in a wall. In LA you mean jack shit.


That’s kind of my line of thinking as well, title doesn’t match the job description.


Welcome to LA

Where you’re paying Chad prices and living like a poor person in your fought over lease. All for image. Decent weather ruined by smog?

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@SubstituteCreature Dude, you motivate me so fucking much lol


Appreciate it bro! You make some great stuff so that means a lot!!


Specificity is key when expecting people to understand job opportunities.

Asking to make 6 kilos per day of a product that has an immense variance of yield. Without specifying. Is the fresh frozen material outdoor/greenhouse/indoor. What kind of products are you trying to make post process. 6,000 grams per day is an exorbitant amount.

Please be more specific with your expectations including all skus qualities etc.


It would take one hell of a budget to produce 6 kilo’s a day, 4 freeze dryers, 3 presses, and enough tank space to wash a minimum of 45 kilo’s, and would need that shit washed in 8 hrs so not to screw the night shift.


Keep improving you SOP and keep sharing those pics…
In a few months … you’ll be able to … NAME YOUR PRICE…

Stop the consulting for the time being…

You are going to kill it…


I honestly think he’s already there. Making me wanna smash some hash. Dudes an inspiration.


Man you are cool as fuck. I really hope we get to sit down again and meet earlier in the day when I’m not dabbed out and in Silent Bob mode!

I am taking all the steps I can possibly do to advance my own ‘thing’ if you will - It’s a road I’m not familiar with so I’m taking it slow and checking my steps but I feel like it’s promising and looking better ever single day. Honestly YOU of all people saying that makes me so much more fucking stoked on it - I really regard you as someone who has his shit together x1000 on a site full of consummate professionals, straight the fuck up.

Man, this month is gonna be a fucking trip!!

Dude both you guys are such good people! THIS is why I can just pump out the rosin and block out the bulllshit. THIS is why I worked my fucking ass off to rebuild my crumbling team while developing my rosin. Dude. You guys fucking rule and I’m legitimately speechless.

I’m gonna go take a dab of your shit, Fickle. Man i’m fuckin` lucky to have a site full of top tier friends like yall


6000g would be an inspiration to see daily.

Something tells me that you can name your price if you can prove your scale… good luck doing that without your own equipment at that scale.