Hash/Crumble in a dehydrator

Has any out there ever tried putting hash into a dehydrator? Does it decarboxylate it even more, does it change the characteristics of the hash, or does it just turn it into a flavorless powder? If you have tried it, did you use fresh hash, old hash, or another concentrate?

We used to make crumble Patties in a dehydrator, plenty of tutorials out there on it…[Butter/Budder/Batter/Badder]

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It ends up smelling like mostly caryophyllene, its that characteristic peppery smell/taste that hash has.

Best way to dehydrate hash is to use a freeze dryer to sublimate the water, but this will only work to remove water from ice water kief before its pressed into hash.

Another option is to get a container with a lid and add a layer of dessicant to the bottom and place a polyester filter sheet directly on top of that and then spread the wet kief onto the filter sheet. Close the lid and allow it to dry, doing it this way ensures you dont lose terpenes and is a good technique for when you’re creating very high quality hash.

Are you asking about drying your product or trying ro achieve a certain consistency?

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I’m curious to ask the same if I took some slabs of shatter that are sticky and put them in dehydrator would it cure and make more stable at like 100 f?

I think this would just cause your slab to crystallize.


I rlly appreciate the advice! I’m gonna try it… Approximately how long should the material be stored in the container? & should the container be stored in the refrigerator? The material is gonna go the press afterwards. Thanks in advance

Check in intervals because there is so much diversity in Cannabis that I don’t think that there will be a certain amount of time good enough for everything. Check at 12,24,36,48/every 12 hours for your specific amount of dryness (which again, is something that is only to be found “perfect” through the eyes of that 1 individual).

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Desiccant in a vacuum oven/electric taped to the side of a stainless chamber I heard works well.

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Shatter is subject to consistency change due to weather and ambient temps. I’ve bought a gram of dispo eho shatter a few time in the summer. Give it a min and it’ll be soup…

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True. The perception of the maker vs consumer is damningly different.