Hash cannoli tek

So I’m just gonna go ahead and open source the exact way I do mine. If you can do it, all power to you! I hope you succeed in your markets & enjoy the fine craftsmanship you put into doing something like this. Hope everyone has a great week! Crush your goals & go kill it!

Hash cannoli

  • [ ] Take properly dried & stored bubble hash or dry sift that have been microplaned & weigh out between 1.5-2.5g of hash.
  • [ ] Place prepared hash into cross folded parchment paper cut out piece approximately 4”x4”.
  • [ ] Lay hash flat into the crease of the fold on the paper and mold into desired length by rubbing the parchment together as you would a normal paper to tighten a joint but leave a loose form as you will be pressing in the next few steps.
  • [ ] Use an all smooth sided mason jar, add 150-160°f water to mason jar completely full with minimal head space & then close the lid onto the jar TIGHTLY as you don’t want any water to secrete while you mend you hash paper.
  • [ ] Now that you have a hot “rolling jar” PLEASE use heat resistant glove/mitts to touch the jar as it will be hot & possibly burn you.
  • [ ] Apply hot jar standing straight up to begin preheating hash from outside/ topside of parchment paper, this will make rolling the jar across much smoother with less creasing in the paper.
  • [ ] Once hash is pressed flat begin to roll the hot jar across in each direction slowly to mold a flat paper like form. ( you can make it thicker if you want for an easier roll & longer burn).
  • [ ] You will notice the hash melt together, keep rolling slowly to ensure all of your hash mends properly. Roll both sides top & bottom.
  • [ ] When satisfied with the size of your molding, lay the parchment/hash on a cold surface for a brief moment (I use frozen marble slabs and or anti griddle surfaces to make this process easier) to be able to “peel back” the paper away from the hash without disturbing you hash cannoli paper.
  • [ ] Once parchment is open & hash all on one side, use a dr dabber hot dabber to slice mold to desired shape or to clean up edges.
  • [ ] Now place a glass tip directly on one side of the edge of hash as you would for normal rolling paper, press firmly to attach to tip.
  • [ ] Use dab/ scrapping tool to lift edges around each side of the corned hash cannoli paper.
  • [ ] Place wooden or metal packing stick into open end of glass tip that is pressed into hash to make a form to roll with.
  • [ ] Begin to “roll” parchment to allow hash edges to meet along the form & create a seam.
  • [ ] Then place rolled parchment with hash form onto cold surface to allow shock & easy removal of hash from parchment paper.
  • [ ] Utilize the packing utensil to fully close seam of hash cannoli completely, then remove utensil.
  • [ ] Use smooth edged utensil to straighten any abnormality’s & scissors to trim if need be.
  • [ ] Begin packing properly formed hash cannoli with fire flower that has been ground evenly.
  • [ ] Enjoy hash cannoli. :pinched_fingers:t4:

Gracias for that big ass spoon dude!


Always a pleasure to help others eat, or enjoy the neat things. :raised_hands:t3::call_me_hand:t3:


Badda bing badda boom

Make a cannoli :pinched_fingers:t4::pinched_fingers:t4:

Don’t mind the baby pine cone in the back lol.


Looks clean


Thank you, it’ll be in the hands of another member today. Making a few more tonight I already got your name on one.

This one was 2 g

I can’t wait to see more folks try their hand at it & get a collab in asap


Boy oh boy these look amazing thanks for sharing! Now i have some questions.


  • How long do they last in the open air? Do they become brittle if left exposed for say, a week? Do they turn darker over time?

  • If i made multiple papers from this method, how do i store them, can you stack them or do they stick together? Can they be stored together or must it be separate?

  • Touching on preservation, after made should i store them in the refrigerator or freezer or is a cool dark area enough in a seal container?


  • How long can these be made? I need to be able to roll them into a 6" long 2" round blizzy strong enough to induce a temporary dirt nap.

  • What’s the stability like, do they get super soft when you’re toking on them? How long is your maximum length in inches?

  • Pulling all that warm smoke through the cannoli is usually a concern and often makes other products fail, do these ever fail?

  • Do they gum up/res up? Is a glass filter or as them old boys use… a toke stone required?


  • How do they burn, have you ever had it go out? Can it be relit after being outed?

  • As a cheap, poor consumer man, can i save the roaches and roll them into another cannoli? :recycle:

  • What is the flavor profile like? Should i be expecting a target flavor or taste when making these or is it source material dependent?

  • What is the consistency of the smoke, is it dense?

  • How rugged are they, if i say… accidently dropped my cannoli on the floor after lighting it, would things stick to it?

Thanks! Looking forward to making these. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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As for shelf life, I’d put money down for them to last 6months to a year in a closed container and still not become brittle or fall apart. I had one I left voice around in my pocket while I worked for about 2 weeks then smoked it and had no breaks rips or tears. Only little bit of flower fell out as it was open ended no closed like a joint.

Making multiple id prefer to separate them by sheet as in layer parchment then hash paper to keep everything separated and for ease of use instead of having any incidents that proper prep can take care of it the first place.

You already basically asked this question but as for anyone who stores good smoke you would want a cool DRY storage or COLD DRY storage as we do for any of our extracts. For these they’re left in a 72° atmosphere with no issues. I prefer to keep them in doob tubes wrapped in a layer of parchment for my own preference & would have to be for skus in your manifests unless you sell them bulk without packaging, which then is on you & your client.

As long as one would like. As for a 2” round you do realize that’s larger that the circumference of most folks palms right? Like honestly show me one market that sells that? At all :joy: yes I’m sure it can be formed to that size but really that’s the most ignorant “flex” of em all imo. As for the dirt nap, a 1.5” cannoli will do just fine.

No they don’t get soft, I bet you’d like to know the length huh :wink:

As you draw smoke through it nothing burn “warm” or hot. These hot absolutely smooth & with no warming burning as you’d get from a donut or cannagar. I can smoke one straight to the glass. Also these aren’t “other products” so they won’t compare to those others they hold up to their longevity.

I prefer glass myself so I can enjoy the entire cannoli, or joint for that matter.as for the resignation or “gumming” that’s a negative, if you leave it standing straight up and down of course you’ll have a little bit drip into your tip, but that comes with any smoking of an infused product I have yet to have my mouth be covered in resin in over 9 years of smoking these. Yes you can use whatever tip you’d like, we don’t discriminate :handshake:t3:

They burn like a dream, nothing “Runs like Nixon” over here.

Anything that was once lit with fire can always be relit. I’m not the type of person to keep roaches though so finish your milk!

To be honest if you’re making generational doinks of this, you’re probably getting a good high, but alas not the experience intended for such a thing. Yes I’m sure it’s possible but if you have the product use it, don’t cheat yourself.

As for flavor profile we ALL know that is very strain dependent.

I posted video of the smoking already. If you’d like to see it “search bar it” actually wait it was in YOUR thread.

Lastly, it’s an infused doink. What’s your best guess there bub. Also if you got butterfingers I suggest maybe figure it out not my fault you drop your stuff.

:microphone: :droplet:.

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3 generations is max, after that the material is so spent it no longer retains the stability to be used as a wrap/paper. Tried and tested with 3 different strains, but the fact they’re even reusable… twice… is nuts to me.

Yep high is strong, but short. I’m totaled for 2 hours… 3 max… then another is required but if you chase the high from these for a day smoking 4-5 of them over 16hrs, i personally end up burnt out for a week and want nothing to do with any cannabis at all, comparable to when you drink way too much alcohol then swear you’re never drinking alcohol again.

Thanks for being so awesome @Cheebachiefextracts, I’ll make an effort to be more pleasant.

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Who’s got a lead in bulk glass tips, I want 4 hole inlet though

You bet your cannoli that che la Luna was in my head the whole time, took me about as long as the song to roll each one :joy::pinched_fingers:t4:


Well, past 3” is no issue. How long do you think I should go for on one? Is there a “longest hash paper” record anywhere? Or would a big girthy one be suitable for a say Event ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyone going to the hash bash let me know and let’s make it happen @Future

I found a glass “tip” that looks like I could wrap a 6-7 g cannoli around it and stuff full of some fire, would be glad to send something like that for everyone to enjoy.


Motherfucka this is DAMN good @Cheebachiefextracts


Whenever you need one you know I got you brother :handshake:t3::pinched_fingers:t4:

Glad y’all are enjoying


Nothing but fire goes into a real CANNOLI :pinched_fingers:t4::pinched_fingers:t4:

(Don’t come at me for the raw tipped one that’s a personal lol)


Those glass tips work badass though dude - I was dead set to smoke the whole fuckin thing but tapped out at about half haha. At least I have more for tonight though!


I love the glass cause you can literally smoke it all the way to it. I’m kinda iffy on how close I’m gonna let this raw tipped one get :joy:

More en route you said :saluting_face:


!!! Oh man I feel spoiled!!! Now I feel like you’re owed at least a few dinos in rosin-tar, haha


:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: keep speaking like that and you’ll end up with the unclaimed 6 g cannoli :joy:

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