Has god abandoned the legacy market?

F*** that God guy they just moved packs of f****** weight and I’m expected to have my f****** pristine but look like it’s f****** vacuum packed and s*** I don’t want to sit on my butt so they look like the s*** that comes from California I could literally step on my buds and they would look better to some people

Traditional markets obviously, who said I was talking dispo prices on zips? I couldn’t even legally buy 1oz of concentrates from a dispo in my state

the price for rosin on the west coast has tanked so it’s even cheaper now

This was 2-4 rands a gram but now people are lucky if this will fetch 1 rand a gram. Most of this moves in bulk 20-40 liter bags (about 10 or 20 kilos, they use volume not weight here lol)


Are you still in Swaziland?

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Yep still in eSwatini, just took this yesterday! From the Southern lowfelds


It’s the middle of winter over there now I didn’t think you’d be cropping right now?

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Did you ever find these glass blowers in jo-burg I told you about?

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Surprisingly this is the best time to grow if you just veg a bit or got autos. Post heaviest harvest there is less un attended males giving of pollen so you just general have less seedy cannabis. Every one here has a pretty go mix of genetics, its just the cross pollination and male pulling people don’t understand defining the quality.

Honestly, due to to due dillegence and logistics and cost, its cheaper to just export crude.

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I wanted to give it a go but just teaching RSO/FECO, bubble and rosin is taking most of my time with the costs of butane 5x overnight cause of Ukraine. hit a few snags so at this point the next purchase will be a 2-5 liter roto vap to lower over head the most.

I made a bush still and found some glass pieces enough to get something decent with a fish pump and engiunity. But my even my metal home still for ethonal was made of PPC or what ever gives you cancer in plastics because it just wasn’t coming out right and I wasn’t able to figure out what the contam was so i opted to wait til I can afford roto vap then try and ghetto rig it.

Sounds like you’re having a really rough go at it bro.

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lets just say its been a rough few months all around with the political term oil, my apprentice threw 2 kilos out a bus window because he was worried about getting shot at a road block that was looking for weapons if he tried to run away. Eish man its just been rough on everyone, capital flight and tourism just barely coming back. Might be worse next year if political dialogues don’t happen before the king goings into reclusion. This place is slow but its also the craziest place ive ever traveled, looking to breakout after tourist season for Thailand with kilos of roots and other semi legal loop holed goodies.


why are these old threads at the top of my feed?

best time to grow= who buys it all?

site update quirk


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Id bet oklahoma

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…you know he’s had time to move and switch usernames, right?



This led me to my conclusion. What say you, @CapitalismSucks420 ?


It’s FL

Also it’s @gummychad now