Has anyone found a good way to sweeten their cartridges?

So far I’ve just been messing with distillate, terpenes, and mct oil. As much as the product is good I’ve still yet to come across a mix that really goes “wow” in terms of candy or sweeter flavors. A lot of people have asked if I could make something “sweet” per say almost similar to normal vape juice with pg/vg/nicotine.

Has anyone found a good solution to this? Would love to hear if you guys have tricks. You could also pm me if you are more comfortable that way.

Appreciate all replies


Why not just use vape juice flavor concentrate?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work I’ve emulsifed crude into vg/pg that was key lime coconut flavor. It wasn’t very effective for smoking and clogged the device after a few puffs this was 6-7 years ago when vapes first came out. I mix my own juices for nicotine. I would imagine I could follow the same logic using distillate, terps, and food grade flavoring the trick is getting the ratio right so the food flavoring doesn’t over power or underwhelming.

Now that you say it I should probably just order a few of the no NIC flavors and give them a whirl. For some reason I read a while back that distillate doesn’t blend too well with either pg or vg. I’ve been so busy that it hasn’t been a thought, but after my most recent batch of carts I’m getting to the point where I’d like to add another line. That being said it’s a relatively cheap learning curve.

Thanks. Yea I’ll probably try a premade VG + PG 0 nicotine e juice and see what happens. My guess is something similar to yours but who knows. I haven’t had the time to hit every angle of it yet, the idea has sort of just been floating around the back of my head until either I need to do it, or I get bored and dump money into my next venture. I have a few flavor concentrates I’ve been sitting on for quite some time so maybe that’s where I’ll start. Maybe I’ll toss in a few points of strawberry concentrate in with some strawberry cough terps and see what happens. Any idea on what percentage I should try the concentrate with? I was thinking maybe 2-4% concentrate to start + 7% terps and go from there.

Hey I read your post about making candy tasting cartridges I saw a bunch of people commenting and I usually don’t comment but I think I have the credentials to give you a answer from experience. Anyway to my resume I’ve owned or worked directly with:
Power puffs
Dank vapes
Exotic carts
Mario carts
Dyna puff
Happy Stix
Sloth sticks
Ok now to the point of flavoring there are 2 specific types of terpenes there are strain specific or cannabis derived those are either extracted terpenes from real cannabis plants or from real fruits and blended to give it a real cannabis taste. Then there are fruit terpenes these are amazingly delicious they range from bubblegum to coffee or really any flavor you want if your interested I can give you cut and blend formulas to make carts that are so sweet you want to eat them. Onto the formula usually we do a 20% cut so say you use 100 ML of oil you would add an additional 20 ML of MCT oil or a flavorless terpene bringing your total volume to 120 ML from there I add 8-10% terpenes to the TOTAL solution this will bring us to 132 ML of solution (10% for example formula) also when mixing cartridges your goal is to heat the Oil as little as possible during every process especially after terpenes have been mixed in because you can burn the flavoring and degrade your oil making the cartridge taste burnt and also more viscous at room temperature. My recommendation for flavoring is TheTerpeneStore they are based in Los Angeles and I only recommend them because the fruit flavoring they have has yielded me carts that are comparable to the flavoring of TheClear or a Real brass knuckle. Anyway if anyone needs any cart help shoot me a inbox message and ill give you the real scoop on anything from equipment to recommended cart suppliers and cuts. https://www.theterpenestore.com


Cured you’re the man. Appreciate it a lot


except all the companies he named are fake!! Lol


happy sticks are super dank

Dude, so this one time an aquantince I know busted out this exotic cart from his pocket and asked me if I wanted a puff. Being polite I agreed, he took a puff and passed it to me. I took mine and exhaled, the vapor was very thin and acrid like burned electronics and fake cake batter vape juice. It was one of the most disgusting experences of my life. Mind you that this was a brand new pen that had been just removed from its package. I don’t know how products like this can continue to sell, especally with such bad flavors and high failure rates.


Beyond that, there’s a guy on IG that’s been getting these black market carts tested, and they’re all coming back hot for pesticides.


because you’re selling a monkey a shiny fancy packaged banana with hype behind it. They do not actually have an opinion they just follow the herd and the hype. Clearly the pen is cut and says 95% on the package and they still believe it because they are consumer slaves who are not capable of independent, critical thought


Also the guy is clearly advertising towards children. Sounds like a step backwards for the industry.


Please don’t use vg, pg, or mct in carts.


Don’t use vg/pg you’ll need an emulsifier. Some of the flavorings and terpenes you decide to use should be sufficient enough to dilute your product so it doesn’t clog up


I’ll agree…my sweet terps from sweet strain are wonderful!!!

I can’t imagine using some non Canna sweetner…

But the strawberry oc pharms vapes I had where rather good!

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Here’s that fail list for pesticides in carts.


Then what do you use to reduce the viscosity of your carts or keep your CBD from crystalizing??

You do know that just about anyone can make their own versions of these brands, right?

I’m medicinal, mostly. I use thc. But, you can use “full spectrum” terpenes from xtralaboratories. They have a line of cannabis (hemp) derived terpenes. You can easily dilute enough with those. They also have a catalyst terpene that is said to be odor/tasteless.