Has anyone found a good way to sweeten their cartridges?


Absolutely, the guy in question was buying these grey market in California mostly. Prop 215 shops too.

Pretty strange that the “real” companies wouldn’t just alter their packaging to avoid being lumped in with fakes that are full of poison.

Assuming that these are in fact being put out by someone else faking the brand.

Edit: My company has our branding put right on the cart. Didn’t cost much at all, drastically reduces the chances of being faked.


THAT is a rabbit hole that is depressing. Many of those gray market vendors are buying black market products.

The real companies do update their packaging every quarter or so. The issue is, companies like loud pack and brass knuckles do not practice operational security. Their new packaging is often in the hands of Chinese industrialists before the hands of the consumers.

The people I worked with had a pretty good relationship with a certain chinese manufacturer who would fake anyones carts with pretty low MOQ. Screen printed and laser engravings included. Quality carts is the only protection against fakers.

A company in Florida by the name of tank kings figured this out and had a cart with 5 wicking holes instead of 4. One of the most sought after cart brands down here/


A buddy of mine runs the grow for wvapes in Vegas. Their regulations are harsh as hell.


Look at bk. You can get those carts and packs all day. With the brand on the cart


I don’t know the brand, honestly. Do the “fakes” have the cart engraving on them? If so, the faker is quite the tryhard. Regardless, all I meant was that it lessens the chance. There’s never any guarantee, unfortunately.


The market determines what the cart makers produce


Yes they do. All these brands got ripped off because they outsourced to China to get their packages made. These “fakes” are coming from the same factory most likely. Same package and cart. If they would have stuck to making their packages in USA chances are we wouldn’t be seeing these perfect fake packs and carts…


I’m not advertising towards children my personal brand is called rare fruitz it’s a California compliant packaging, I was merely showing the brands I’ve worked with whether it be acquiring their terpenes and flavor mixes for them, designing packaging, or helping to make sure their cartridges are quality.


Which company i named is fake?


anyone can buy a package with a name on it and fill the cart and resell.

This entire subsector of carts is a cottage industry made by anyone who buys the packaging.
This makes a really hit or miss product, not everyone will make a good formulation.
On a side note never have products made in china that you dont want ripped off and spammed across the web.


I agree, and as far as China even if you make it stateside China will immediately jump on it they have 3D scanners that can scan from every angle.


Buying packaging in the USA won’t deter China from immediately copying a product.


No but at least you won’t have to worry about the factory that manufacturered your products selling it on eBay or Amazon or to anybody really. These China made packs are not counterfeit. They are coming from the same company, the same factories, the same people that made them. These are legit packs being sold to anybody. Yes China would eventually get ahold of them to replicate them but then it won’t be 100% accurate. Also why would we copy a USA (manufacturers for package) name brand when it’s so easy to get the flashy China ones that are already being produced.


Not to defend China to the grave but some Chinese companies are extremely honest, I know this for fact because I tested my packaging supplier and tried to contact them from other phones to replicate it and they refuse. It’s the same anywhere there are honest and dishonest people. You may be right though you might get more honesty in the United States everyone just needs to weigh the pros and cons.


Not mine. They would give samples of everyone’s carts in the box. also would use other peoples packaging to stuff/strengthen the box

Also here is a list of sweeteners for yall: