handling cash

A lot of us deal with money every day and I’ve been pondering the best way to safely collect cash in these dark times. Essentially I have ziplock bags with money and don’t want to mess with it. Was thinking maybe something like this could help kill any contaminated cash:

  1. throw a Lysol wipe in the ziplock bag and just let it marinade.

  2. do the same thing as step one but with ethanol on a paper towel.

Am I naive to think that might work? Any other suggestions from you fine folks?

microwave it haaaah disclaimer I’m kidding


Just let it sit if you can, its not able to live without a host for X amount of time or so i read, that would be my best guess or toss it in the washer machine

A UV light, small room and giant fan. Let that shit just fly around for a couple hours. After said and done you can pretend to be a stripper. Turn off UV light first.


You can NOT microwave cash. There is a metal strip embedded in currency. Dont wanna bownup the microwave.

I built an ozone box. All money I get, goes I to said box and the gen runs for 2hrs.

This is why I ask for payment thru PayPal currently


fully saturate it in 10% bleach / 90% water for 10 minutes

then it is 100% clean

edit: I would test this with a small amount first

Ive microwaved a bunch of metal and unfortunately nothing happened to my surprise ( young and stupid and far away) but ya i wouldn’t recommend it

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I wonder if that small amount of bleach would mess it up, like when they bleached $5 and printed $100 on them and passed them off up here yrs ago. You could only tell if you actually looked at the water mark and saw Lincoln not franklin

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If you microwave metal touching metal it will combust. For instance a metal bread twist tie. Twist it together and watch the show.

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I just wear gloves when handling large amounts of cash.

Or hand sanitizer after handling.

I hear ph 2.5 water kills all bacteria spores and virus.
Kangen water just posted today about it

I put a toaster with spoons, forks and knives in the microwave for over 30 mins and nothing, also filled a pepsi can with gas and did the same and nothing happened. Microwave was over 500ft away because i expected a show and nothing happened. Your right thougj i have seen it happen with twist ties and such no idea why it didnt work with all the other stuff.


Nice topic. I utilized latex gloves in the garage once there was enuff to play with.

I heard heat kills the virus cells as well, maybe the uv box idea convection oven style… of course at a temperature that won’t burn the cash

Forks in the toaster in the microwave? Only thing left after that is dipping it in the pool with a bungee cord attached to a helicopter piloted by a t rex in a tornado

Edit: during a pandemic


I generate hypochlourus acid for a bunch of uses. Atomize that shit.

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That shit could be carrying the virus!!.. Better send it to me right away I’ll take care of it for you.

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As a healthcare and humanitarian service all except all cash Just send it to me for processing testing and spending

All I pictured is a bunch of dudes washing money and then throwing in a clothing dryer.

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turn off your Tv, that should do the trick

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I will toll process your cash for you. 70/30 split. Comes back counted, sterilized, washed, ironed, banded, AND facing same direction.

Contract pricing available. Call today!