Guitar cutter

Anyone have any tips and tricks for using a guitar cutter with pectin slabs?

My slabs are coming out about 1/4” thick

What problem are you having?

Cheese cutter

Just trying it out.

First time cutting it didn’t cut completely through entire slab, last row didn’t make it.

Second slab I cut worked pretty well.

Im applying a lot of pressure I didn’t think I’d have to press so hard. I’m using quick set pectin and the slabs are setting 1 hour after pour. This is when I cut said slabs above, I’m letting a couple air dry overnight in and out of mold and try cutting those tomorrow.

I also didn’t put the slab up against a corner put tried to line the slab up where the two cutters overlapped, noticed this caused the slab to kind of get pushed off where I laid it originally

The ones I’ve seen have plenty of room for the strings to recess, is it just that your gummy slabs aren’t thick enough consistency wise? Kinda squishing rather than cutting?

Are you getting the slabs a little cold before cutting them?

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Saw back and forth heating the string up will help

Yes they are definitely squishing. The ends where the wire touch are pushing gummy square down and the middle of gummy is getting pushed up like the letter n

I threw one slab in refrigerating in its mold to see how that did overnight so I can try cutting that one too.

I think you’ll probably have better luck when they’re a little colder, but maybe adjust the recipe to make your slabs a little firmer.

Or adjust your sop to include cooling the slabs if that works out for you.

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Following this recipe and cooking mixture to 230’F

What are you using to infuse the recipe? Or is this just a dry run?

Dry run

Just to keep testing simple you can try keeping the same cook time and adjusting the water content of the recipe in increments of 20ml.

Is your heat source capable of accurate repeatability or are you cooking it on a stovetop?

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What size are the strings on your cutter?

Stovetop. I’m using a gun reader and digital reader with probe in solution for temperature readings

So use less water to firm up slab?

22mm spacing, not sure if thickness

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Yeah its probably just a consistency thing.

There’s more to it than just less water = firmer slab, but that would be the variable I suggest playing with for that particular recipe.