Grow space for personal

So, if you were starting from scratch and had to setup your own personal grow, what would you do?

Kinda just thinking things out now, so this is all in theory, but would like to pick the hive mind here for some ideas and pointers.


Bean basement has a special section just for room setups . There’s some really nice rooms in those threads


I would plan my flower room first and make sure it’s 600-1100 ppfd. Veg will be roughly 2/3 the size and go 400-750 ppfd. 600 lb CO2 tanks that could be filled instead of burners.

If I had started from scratch, I would put in Floraflex or ebb and flow tables. Since I built as I went, I am using Promix CC or Sunshine with 10% castings and salts on top.


How many plants at a time? I started with a grow tent, one plant. It gave me a very personal connection with the plant, made me focus on micro-nutrients, temps, humidity and lighting. If you have grown before, with success, disregard the last.

I am assuming this is going to be indoor or a small greenhouse. Give us more details.

We now have a nursery and two 60 foot greenhouses and I am stuck in the lab.


I suggest FRP (fiberglass reinforced panels) for you walls. Relatively easy to install with an adhesive. FRP is commonly found in bathrooms. Makes for a clean looking grow room, no panda film on the walls (that always looks trashy). Bonus is you can basically hose down your room after each run.


Those panels are a good idea. Basically tub insert materials @sfc?

@lowbudgetjunk, it was all tents before, usually popped 8 in a 4x2 space, was previously setup in a basement, but ida flooded it and wiped me out, so now I have a blank slate down there essentially.

@AgTonik, good tips for the lighting, won’t be doing co2 tho, also will probably go with soil or coco to start, never did any hydro beyond hempy buckets, might add a dwc down the line once I get started again.


If it’s for personal. I would grow it organically slow. Everyone around me grows Athena or power si, and I know, I can taste it. I call it same same. Dispo weed.

I used commercially available smart outlets in my most recent grow. They created a nice cost offset in automation and irrigation, and can be matched with any IFTTT sensor.

I know people are suggesting frp or dps which a great choice. But they have some really nice plasti coat paints that are water and wind proof for super short money.

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Yes same material as tubs, just in panel form. Your local HD should stock.

Add an organic input like fulvic acid or kelp. Synganic is a fantastic compromise for taste, smell and yield.

EDIT: Salty cash cropper still grows organic for the wife.


I’d second this fo sho, adding agt-50 to my regimen made a definitely difference in my crops.

(I’ll always give your product a good word lol)

@vortal, i like the idea of some smart outlets, and this is why I started this thread, you guys already have given me a few good tips.

I’m so used to using tents, this is gonna help a bunch.


I would suggest PVC paneling for the ceiling and walls. Many companies out there provide them and it’s a really smooth, one person job. Look up the brand Kodiak.


I put up a couple of rooms of frp. They want to sell you the trim pieces that company makes. The flat piece between two sheets is ok, but the inside and outside corner trim pieces are just stupid. Next time I will buy corner trim made of pvc and use it instead, just brad nail and silicone it up.


This might be the reason everyone says my flower taste so good, they always ask how I cure but it’s nothing special.
I switched from organic with agt50 to salts with weekly agt50 and I have not noticed less smell or taste.


Setup your rooms around the already existing plugs, drains and hvac vents. Use there location to assist in aiding or avoiding your grow. Map out your existing plugs and decide if they need to be moved or re-wired. Now is the time to add some 220v plugs to lessen the amp draw. Think back to all the things you wanted to add or change with the previous setup and add those ideas into your build. Build this out so when you have plants growing you will not have to do construction around them, thats the worst.


Add bracing and blocking between studs and joists where you plan on mounting heavier things like lights, ballasts, controllers, etc. FRP is great, but not very structural. A layer of plywood or osb underneath the FRP would add stability for mounting most items.

Vapor barrier and good sealing tape behind wall and ceiling panels will help to control air and moisture, as will gaskets for outlets and electrical boxes.

If you have the space, a cleaning station with hot and cold water and a large sink is very nice when it comes time to clean and sterilize pots and equipment. A potting table is also handy, along with some shelving/cabinets to keep nutes, media, amendments, etc.


The potting table is a good idea, I’ve been sitting on the ground when I transplant. The wash station is a good idea too, I have a sink already in the basement, and I use it all the time. Shelving is a must as well. I like those wire racks

@WeedThePeople, power is something I’m starting from scratch as well, I am somewhat limited, but I can put outlets wherever I want. Definitely want to get it right the first time so I don’t have to build around plants.


I think the three main things to have if possible is have a good sealed room, cleanable walls and floors and if possible a floor drain.


I would do no less than a 2 lighter, 4 lighter more ideal.

So much time is wasted on a 1 light grow for the reward


Yes to all three, sadly no drain, but it’s tile floor on top of concrete. So I’m not too concerned with water, any framing I do I’ll use pressure treated lumber. What do you guys do for doors so it’s sealed? Install exterior ones? I’m coming from tents…

@anon56994712, 2 lighter would be my max, I’m only working with a dinky 100a total for the entire house lol.

I’m not a huge smoker any more, so I don’t need to go overboard with how much I harvest. My total sq ft before was like 8x4, so a two lighter, that’s kind of what I’m thinking of for the grow area, with enough room around it to maneuver.


I have mine in my closet.


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