Grow log on Pods

Been meaning to start a grow log on these pods i have going in So Cal. This is the layout. 23 Reefer Containers, 17 flower, 1 water, 1 power, 1 moms/clones, 1 trim/ packaging and 1 for manufacturing. Planted 5 last week on Tuesday with 5 differnt strains.

Each pod has 9 1k DE lamps and either a 4t or 5t hvac unit. Each unit has a CO2 burner mounted underneath the air handler. Plants are in 1x8 trays with bottom and side draines planted in 5 gallon smartpots filled with tupur. Irrigation sustem is a top drip fed from a water hammer system. Feed is a Cal Nit/ Grow base salt from 55 gallon stock tanks fed at 1:500.

These are the plants when planted.

These are the plants at 1 week.

Each pod is ran by a Trolmaster Hydro-X automation system. The unit has an app and i get real time info with alerts. I can control every aspect in the pod from my phone.


How is your CO2 setup?

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Burner at the end of the pod hung under the air handler. Started them with no CO2 for first 3 days. Once i saw them snap i set the CO2 @ 850ppm.


Well done, looks great.

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@BG305 Man, I’ve been growing for 25 years now, and I genuinely admire to your talent and skills in the garden.

Were these custom made or pre-fabs? These units are seriously pro. They are super clean with zero wasted space. I would love a couple for myself.


Are they all connected together or do you have to go outside to get in each one?

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Little update. Today is day 11 that the clones have been in the system. Gave them their first foliar today as i noticed a little Cal deficiency so i bumped up the doser and sprayed them.

Average clone hight.

Average hight day 11

Cal deficiency


Why tupur over Coco? Looks like a cool product, just curious,. Their product description mentions needing a lota Cal.


All coco needs a lot of cal and mag.

Don’t forget that epsom. Magnesium and sulfur for terp production.

I veg in refer containers. I love them.


I use containers as well.

I use 2 rows of lights to cover fully side to side.

Try adding some cmh to that. Lots of spectrum with little energy or heat added


Tupur is a coconut coir product but also has perlite.


That install is clean AF top work


I know @bg305 is a busy guy, but I’m hoping for some more updates on these pods.

I’m thinking of starting with 2 containers- a grow pod and a controls/processing pod. The grow pod would have 10 630w CMH, 10 550w 3500k+660nm LED alternating. 3.4 BTU/watt on the HVAC. Automated in the same way.


4.3 btu/ watt?

Isn’t it 3.4?

Or is that you accounting for extra so isn’t running the AC at max?


I left for 4 days and they look fantastic. A bit bigger than I wanted them to be but I will flip them today. Tomorrow I will post some pics and strain info.


Yup. Just being a derpy drainbow over here.

I want that.


Put 2 to sleep yesterday. This is what they look like with normal light.


Transition happened real quick on those plants and I know you’ve got your system dialed in. Light tops are unavoidable with certain genetics with the vigor when they are starting to stack. For the heavy feeders going into transition, have you thought about a calcium foliar with something like Metalosate Calcium pre-flip?

(Nutrien Ag cannabis tissue samples)


Those are gonna fill out nice, interested to see the lava cake haven’t seen that one finished before