Greenhouse and lighting of the football field

hello I have a problem with lighting the football field because the light reaches the greenhouse. My question is what amount of light affects plants during the night, at some altitudes they can herm

Light dep
Black that shit out


how much light affects the plants during flowering?

light dep?

Light deprivation. Look it up on google.


how much wind you got? Do you have enough labor to pull tarps every morning and night?

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I have a measure


Greenhouses are not covered so my question was whether it affects flowering plants

Your best next step would be to gather the data for your farm. How many foot candles away are ya? I think thats the measurement haha

ok 300 metrów

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"As little as 0.03 footcandles (FC) of red light interrupting the dark period will inhibit the anthesis of hemp. "

-Google fu


Just dep it :heavy_check_mark:


that is, any light interferes with flowering?

20 ft pvc
T posts
Blackout tarp
T post pounder

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“that is, any light interferes with flowering?”

Beyond that of the moon and lightning.

is there any scientific research?

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But depends on intensity. Moonlight, no. Football stadium lighting, more probability it will screw up their dark schedule.

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The scientific research is ask anyone who has light leaks in their rooms and what the end results are. :rofl:

But on a serious note… there is plenty of science behind a “dark” resting period with no light leaks and light leaks.

It’s all hormonal based on the plants biology.


why the moon does not interfere with flowering?