Got finessed on CBD .. HELP

purchased 10 lbs of CBD , was supposed to be THC. Now I am stuck with this shit and either have to sell it as is and fuck over my custies. Or this great community of ppl can hopefully help lead me in a direction to where I can do something to lace the Nugs with THC.

I am looking for help on making distillate into a sprayable form and spray the buds to where ppl actually get high…

Or maybe I can take an oz or 2 oz of keif throw it in the pound bag and shake it up??

Regardless, something shady is going to be done to this CBD bud to make it possible for people to get high. Getting my money back is not an option the guy who sold it to me unfortunately has passed away since I purchased this through him. Now I am stuck with it and would rather do something like spray distillate on it / sprinkle keif on the nugs rather than sell the next guy “weed” and it be CBD.

Any advice (helpful advice) is greatly appreciated. I’d preferably rather not read comments saying I’m a shitty person or blasè blasè … the bottom line is I’m not getting stuck with this so if there’s a way for me to move it and get people high then that’s what Route I’m taking. It’s either that or just blatantly fuck ppl over and say this is weed and it’s CBD instead.


Looks like spraying disty is all the rage these days…


Probably for people looking to fuck over guys on CBD. I’m sure that’s ironic coming from the OP trying to do the same thing… difference is I got roped into doing this or taking a big L.

I’m not looking to take the route of a piece of shit. I guess I’ll be the piece of shit until these 10 are gone. But other than recouping my loss I would never do this again lol. Only person who knows that for sure though is myself.

Make moon rocks with kief and distillate and be honest about what the product is. Sounds kinda lit. I’d smoke it to try it! Did this bud look super dank or did u not even see it before purchase?


Bro, the bud looked so straight. Like honestly, was good enough looking to where I NEVER EVEN QUESTIONED it being CBD lol.

I had seen CBD many times prior and it always looked like some low grade trash. This is like a solid 6/10 on bag appeal … with a 10 being some exotics. So a 6/10 isn’t bad at all.

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Hopefully your price on a ten pack was good enough, you might just be able to break even selling it as high quality cbd flower. Probably would be a different set of clientele, but you might be surprised how many regular smokers either like cbd flower themselves or know people that do. Beyond that, like apothecary36 said, make some moon rocks, and hype them as a hemp and weed blended, full spec boutique treat. Plenty of options, but highly unlikely to be able to spike your flower with thc and pass it as genuine buds. Is it worth losing reputation with your customers? Could make it hard to move anything in the future if people feel that they have been duped in the present. Either way, sorry to hear you got conned.


Yeah, thank you all for the replies and knowledge. And nope got absolutely screwed on the 10 pack. Wouldn’t ever break even selling this cause I paid such a high price. It’s all good, I’ll get it figured out one way or another. Just looking for ideas, definitely had thought of moonrock. Just gonna be stuck with like 15 ps of it after you add the additional weight to the 10 ps I already have lol

Maybe u can develop a tek that isomerizes the cannabinoids while their still on the buds


That would be crazy but probably do able some way.

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I meant it as a joke, any process i can think of that you wouls apply to induce isomerization would also ruin the smokability of the flower.

Best option may be to extract it, isomerize it, and shlang it like that.


Yea I was serious but referring to the future , a tek not yet developed. Just as many of the things we discuss the majority of people had no idea of 5 years ago.

Turn it into D9THC >>> @Ruwan knows the way and will probably sell you his SOP if you ask nicely with a solid wad of cash


Thats true things have advanced rather quickly, maybe you’re right.

:alien: anything is possible

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Guys, I don’t do extractions. All the distillate and shit that I have I purchased from someone. I have very little knowledge, next to none, about extractions.

If this is a horrible idea then okay forgive me in advance, that’s why I’m here (to figure things out).

What about like 1 gram distillate to 10mL of everclear, then purge it off? Like that would definitely be liquified enough to spray. But does the shit even purge off like can you even do that?? Idk. Fuck man idk, sounds so morally wrong. Just such a bullshit situation that I literally can’t do shit about. Besides take the L or do some janky shit.

You do not want to use ethanol to accomplish this, its going to draw all the chlorophyll out of the plant material. Butane would be best for doing what yoh want to do.

You just dilute your distillate with an alkane like butane or pentane. You will also want a sufficiently liquidy consistency to your mixture so the distillate is actually able to penetrate into the buds. You will probably have a hard time makin the batch homogenous.


What brought you to the conclusion its CBD… Still trying to figure this one out

Right, if all you know is it doesnr get u high it could be cbg too. Im which case theres some money to be had.

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Hell it could just be low grade THC. Or high CBD strain…

Without test I’m just trying to figure that one out

Cbg flower almost the same price

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Oh i figured cbg isolate is so much more expensive, the price of flower must be proportional.