Good extracts from room temp butane run?

So now that we are using powders to remediate bho, does anyone think there’s a powder that will strip all the fats and lipids out?

Then from there then a traditional crc?

We burn through a lot of resources getting things cold to get a good product, and it seems incredibly wasteful at the end of the day. While I’m not a tree hugger, I want to think I try to respect the environment.

If we could somehow make some fire extracts and not have to use so much, that would be pretty cool. Plus, it could be more cost effective.

Is this possible?


Nah at room temp fats & lipids can melt past the media with cannabis eluting into solvent solution of desirables. Drop em out or nutiiiiiin

That part was meant for a dm :sweat_smile: dAmn designated replies


@Beaker god bless then man. :heart:

I “try” to copy him by using methanol for winerising.
I dont understand why more people dont do the same.
I do everything at room temp because i have no choice.

What i would love to know is how to use “medias” with methanol at room temp to achieve the same colour remediation as you guys get with cryo butane.
The material used was fresh frozen, defrosted, beat up, refrozen, blasted at 34c with no chilling, purged then dissolved in methanol.

Blasted with butane and purged.

Roughly 5:1 Methanol / Crude

Filtered over Al Oxide

AC added


Bentonite added


Finished product was fkn horrific, tasted like concentrated decomposing trim with rancid bananas. It is now decarbed and a dark red colour waiting for my SPD kit to arrive lol.
But anyway apart from it tasting like refuge the process works well. I wish I had a PHD in chemistry in order to further @Beaker 's research.

Anyone who would help me and not charge me :laughing: would be most welcome.
Attacking me with a spoon is also welcome lol.


Yeah, I just started with butane and haven’t really done too much else. I dabbled in rosin and ethanol extracts, but butane was the best for me.

I’ve always been hesitant to go near the methanol, but maybe one day lol.

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I just edited my post and added pics, have a look above. :+1:


just get it cold …try to save ur material for several runs back to back

bc once ur slurry is DI cold it will stay cold for while needing lil DI

I always can tell it’s cold enough by my gauge slamming 0 and the alcohol slurry doesnt react to the DI going in.

It’s not the individual run, I don’t really use that much of anything, but it’s the aggregate.

I read threads that talk about kw’s of cooling, or tubs of dry ice being used so we can all smoke a dab…

Seems incredibly wasteful to me when it’s put into that context.


Do you recover most of the methanol?

You guys don’t like sticky lipid dabs?!?

I think they are best served off a glowing red hot nail.


Reading some @Beaker I would like to add a citric acid degum and water washes to fix the pH on acid treated bentonite to @Black_Beard 's tek here and see how it comes out.


Yes, " most " lol

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Funny you should say that… I bought Litmus paper on amazon, arrived yesterday to do exactly that.
I have the citric food grade powder all I dont have is a seperatory funnel.
I dont want to use a bag.

Edit : There is a problem with citric de-gumming if i remember from reading, that it strips terps. So i was going to run some material the same way as last. Ph some before de-gumming filter and purge. With the rest i will de-gum, Ph, filter and purge to see the difference in loss of taste and smell.

Edit2: I also need Hexane, I don’t current have any. I also want some Pentane so i can try room temp diamond mining lol. Both are expensive So it might be a little while before i can experiment.


Some glowies with the boys

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yeah if I wasn’t running at least a lb I can see where buying dry ice seems expensive to recover

I wanna run at least 2lbs to crank up

but 80lbs di I can do 5 lbs if I stay on it .

30lbs just to get her going

it’s a quality of extract thing. I dont like the taste of fats once j tried it without em


Blowies for glowies boys pitter patter

Yeah, I tried to tolerate a run that was warm and had fats, but it wasn’t good.

I actually felt too guilty about all the waste I generated from extracting, and tried it, and it was awful.

I definitely have catholic guilt built into me haha, but I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing.

I think we all should try to come up with a more efficient way of doing hydrocarbon extracts.

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So glad to hear others are interested in respecting the environment.

In my lab days we could use powders in column to do almost anything. And there are more powders today. Biggest issue I always had was efficiency and waste (losing what you wanted, not what you didn’t want).

Sure hope more things like this become possible - less energy would be amazing and open up doors in so many places.


save ur powders toss them in ur next cement mix for aggregrate


It’s so hard to make anyone meaningful changes on the individual level, but something like this would help ya know?

At the end of the day I know as an individual I’m just as guilty as the next guy, but I’d like to think this is the kind of place where if it’s possible, we all could lead to some big changes in the way the industry runs.

Less resources to be used equals less cost overall too, so it’s a win win


maybe this iss why it tasted like shit.
you thaw you lose