GLG certification

And we are live!

I’m extremely excited today to announce the launch of the GLG certification progam

There is a serious lack of accountability and transparency between the consumer and the producers / processors in the cannabis industry

We’ve come up with a solution.

Starting today, with our Free Introduction Level Extractors Handbook, we hope to begin building the educational foundation necessary to bring cannabis processors into compliance with our new certification program.

Our model will always be to bring you the education and knowledge for free, and to only charge for the actual certificate.

Our initial release is limited to the 101 coursework, but we are working with the leaders in the industry to develop the full range of education in processing, cultivation, and retail. Once we build that base of certified individuals, we will begin certifying full companies, including their individual processes. Think GMP x Organic, for all things cannabis.

So, do me a favor, go download the Handbook, give it a read, let me know what you think in the comments below. Once you feel like you know the material, you have the option to take our certification test. A passing grade will get you listed on our site with badges to reflect your level of certification for prospective employers to see :call_me_hand:t3:

Huge thanks to @illnyetheshatterguy and @booternooblace who did all the heavy lifting on this project and who are equal partners in this new venture!

Stay tuned for more updates as we get this beast rolling.

One of our earliest targets with this program will be all things “CRC”, a collaborative effort with @murphymurri


Where’s the test and handbook link?


Bringing verified consultants back?





So what all are you guys actually guaranteeing with this certification (if anything)?

Say a @potguru1 type lab has this certification and ends up taking clients’ money without sending anything out or sends out material that was not agreed upon. Does the GLG cover the expenses lost?


Sorry had some technical issues this morning when I tried to revive the original GLGc thread. Link added to this post


No, this whole program will phase out all verified anything from the forum


So this is like a guild of sorts?

Currently the program is focused on 101 Level certification of base level employees. As we expand into more advanced topics, there will be certs for that as well.

The goal is to move into a GMP style certification for labs as a whole, which will include annual recerts.

And no, that’s not how USDA organic, GMP, or any other certification program works.

If you claim someone steals from you, that’s a legal issue for a court to rule on.


As far as the education side of things go, it’s very much guild vibe.

Certification is more aligned with cGMP or ISO type accreditation, with a Cannabis focus


How are you going to address conflicts of interest with your own/partner businesses and those you are certifying?


When we get to that point, we will use one of the 3rd party GLGc audit entities we are currently developing procedures with. Similar to how GMP is a structure that companies use to get into compliance, then have a 3rd party audit


I understand that - but we already have GMP certifications and USDA organic.

I’m trying to understand what weight a “GLGc” will have and why anyone would bother to recertify it annually. It is completely unrecognized. What benefits does a processor get by going through this process? And why pay for something that has zero weight behind it (at the moment)?

Just sounds like more unnecessary paperwork and oversight.


Right ?

Hemp slanger/verified consultant 2.0



Neither GMP nor USDA have any impact on cannabis extraction or processing beyond basic cleanliness and solvent safety.

GLGc is specifically focused on good procedures for cannabis extraction and processing.

The whole idea was spawned by the fact that the average consumer has no way to know, trust, or verify the CRC product they are about to buy.

We hope to provide a system that allows better informed consent between the consumer and the processor.

No processor will be forced to use our system, and we already have roughly 10 large, established, well known labs wanting to implement this type of certification in their facilities.

If you think providing 3rd party transparency to your customers is unnecessary then I urge you not to participate.



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To be clear, certification of labs is still pretty far down the road. For now we are focused on providing clear, concise, base level cannabis extraction education, for free to anyone that wants it.


Isn’t that cGMP ?

Last I checked cGMP didn’t have any SOPs for CRC, or anything cannabis processing for that matter. Maybe they’ve been updated?