Getting the last bit of butane of out a dip tube tank

I have one of those green mastercool #15 tanks I got from bvv. It does have a diptube in it, but it’s leaving about 1-2lbs of butane in it once I open it up to the column. I understand the dip tube doesn’t go down all the way and that’s why I’m having butane left in my tank.

My question is. How should I go about getting that last bit out? I’m used to vac’ing down my solvent tank before I recover to it. Makes it a little bit tough with that butane left over in the tank.

Since it’s a small tank should I just hook up to the vapor port and flip the tank over instead of using the dip tube?

What do you guys recommend?

Thanks for any help you can give. Appreciate it.

I recommend putting a head of pressure on the tank, ergo building pressure from a initial recovery up to 10-20psi depending on what you may feel comfortable with, keep in mind what type of blast are you going for & what is your end game quality, I can then accurately help. Also solvent & system setup please

Its a 1lb system I put together from bits and pieces. I run it passively. I’m not a big extractor that’s “in the game” as a pre heads up. I just do this as a hobby as I don’t like getting shit extracts.

I simply will be going from the green #15 cylinder which I have about 6.5lbs of butane through the column. Nothing fancy here yet.

Out of these runs I’ll be making crumble.

70 nbutane / 30 propane

You said build head pressure in my tank. I guess I don’t understand how that would push the butane up through the diptube regardless of pressure manipulation unless you turned it into a gas.

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So I see that your not a cls my bad lol. For this I would honestly add a ball valve with auxiliary vac port so then you can create a passive initial recovery to pull more tane. Should never flip the tank cause then the dip tube won’t have direct flow access.

What does the collection look like on the top plate how many ports?

This is a close loop system.

I don’t think you’ve read everything I posted, and that’s ok.

I said, should I hook up to the vapor port and flip the tank over. This would allow all of the liquid to drain out of the tank. My question was is that the best route to go.

I don’t have questions about moving the butane around, I’m good there. My question is about getting the last bit out, of a tip tubed tank.

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Put the line running to your column on the gas port of your tank and flip it upside down. It’s flat on top for a reason.


Thanks man. That’s what I wanted to know! Appreciate it!


No problemo

I mean cause ya know physics, & if you are a cls then you should have a return to your tank. Then you would understand a head of pressure from initial recovery. You would be able to throttle the rest of your solvent. :man_shrugging:t3: What do I know only done it for years on a 18 lb column with 60lbs of tane. Cryo cold all around.

I’m not attacking you man.

You’re just not simply understanding me. Could be a communications issue on my part.

I have a tank. It has a dip tube. The dip tube doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the tank. However. I need to remove all of said liquid butane from the tank. But the dip tube doesn’t go all the way to the bottom to get all the liquid. I however do not want to turn that last bit of butane into a gas to get it out of said tank.

The other guy understood immediately. Don’t use the diptube port. Use the vapor port and flip the tank over, it will get everything.

You see? Its all good man. Just a misunderstanding


Knowing the setup from top to bottom would be a better understanding. If you’re running cls you typically go from tank to column to vapor port on collection following a molecular seive then vac which returns your solvent through a dry ice condenser & into return vapor of tank. Ergo with that you can build a head of pressure literally air pressure built from your own vapor. Not saying you’re attacking me, just trying to help you not be in any sort of danger. In my experience flipping your tank will create a negative pressure & your gas won’t go anywhere given it’s already slowed down from your vac loosing momentum.

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he said Passive not active

Switching to vapor port and upside down will do the trick


Buy a tank from @Killa12345 as his dip tubes go to the bottom. :100:


Jesus christ. Give a refund to anybody you have ever consulted for. You suck at this.
Add a ball valve with auxilary vac port. Tf you smoking


I would get a second hose. Attach your injection hose to the vapor valve and your recovery hose to the liquid valve. When your injecting keep the tank upside down then flip it over for recovery easy peasy


Cannagas has the longest diptubes in the game :rofl:


Flipping the tank must make some kinda difference, I have the same kind of tank but it’s a 10lb tank, dip tube doesn’t hit the bottom. On the runs I heat my tank ( when I’m trying to get the most in return not worrying much about quality, I always lift it up and give it a good shake above my head, always gives me 10-20 more lbs of pressure with oddly enough results in 10-20 more of product.