Getting rid of bubbles in live rosin carts

I’ve been working alot on testing different methods and hardware lately and have noticed it is helpful for people to learn how to get the bubbles out that form in the solution after the heating process to get into a non nucleated state.

I recommend 150-180 for initial heat(this varies alot some forced air ovens can be as low as 135 and be effective in my research, this was on Maine greenhouse high quality not performed by me) I used old BHO ovens for the process which tend to have less of a heat transfer and sometimes I get alot of THCA formation at 150 as the jar itself often reads lower than oven.

The pressure should be kept through this process to lower Boiling points(know plenty of you already know this, just adding encase helpful to some)

I then do 72 hours at a lower temp or room temp to see if any crash occurs

After this if you heat and go right into filling you will see bubbles as you are filling the cars as the solution will still be off gassing from the change in pressure.

To quicken this process you have a couple of options before filling so you don’t get the bubbles.

1, heat to 150(my preferred temp but yours may be a little different) open jar, lightly put lid back on so pressure can escape but it is still mostly maintaining a seal.

If you are still getting bubbles a more aggressive approach is needed.

Increasing in order of aggression lol.
Preheat to 150
Use a dab tool by hand and stir
Use a heat plate and magnetic stirrer
Use a dabtool on a drill on the highest speed you can go without spilling oil.
I recommend no longer than 2 minutes but have seen others use up to 10 minutes

After that, put lid back on jar, put in oven at 120-150 until bubbles have dissipated and you should have no bubbles while filling.

When researching this I did alot of my own work but also talked alot with other hash makers and found alot of variance in how equipment performed, and different times/temps/environmental/material made things that there was not a single exact recommendation for many of these things but a range.


Simple use a vac w good cold trap if the cold trap collects terps pour them back in. Pull the bubbles out while warm. U may have to use a controlled leak to have continuous bubble pulling action so it doesn’t foam over

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I personally wouldn’t pull vac on a solventless solution but if anyone is doing this and has checked rhe results vs one of common methods listed I’d definitely be interested in the results.

Alot of BHO theory doesn’t transfer as well to solventless as it is theorized to IME.

U said getting the bubbles out…ud have to do this prior to loading in carts

I’ve shaken a bottle disty before while warned…then to get all the bubbles out i pulled vac and got all the bubbles to rise

Even if it’s from.not fully decarbin it’ll work…and w a good cold trap u want use any terps

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Not quite sure what you mean. The entire post is about process before loading into carts. You can’t do anything once it’s loaded.

Rosin does not act the same as dist or BHO and trying to doing anything that separates and puts back together, including trying to off gas terps and cold trap and reintroduce terps has a negative effect on flavor. You would need homogenized anyway so you would be stirring which would remove the bubbles so extras steps aren’t necessary, and would only be possible to have a negative effect.

Again, if anyone has actual experience doing this stuff with live rosin and has evidence to show it, I’m happy to hear results. Anytime anyone talks about tech around BHO/CO2/dist all sorts of theory is thrown out but never with evidence of it improving a process and not having a negative effect on taste and effect. These replies are super common and never helpful cause it’s always theory.

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Decarb in a Diamond miner and release the natural co2 every once in a while. It’s either that or you take your lid off and magstir.

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Knew posting in here there would be tons of BHO ideas thrown at it that I’ve heard repeatedly mostly by people who don’t actually process live rosin.

I’ll stand by the first thing I posted until I have evidence of something better that is actually used and quantified to be better.

People love the idea of diamond miners and adding nitrogen, still yet to see this producing a top tier product. The Briantist played around with this some for jar tech diamonds and it looked bad, way too much area above the solution to off gas the terps into, also being able to see the entirety of the solution is needed for optimal timing as batches can have large varience. These conversations can go on forever but never come from a place of people actually utilizing them for production of a high quality live rosin product.

I’m going to quit replying to these as I’ve heard them too often but they never are used. Feel free to post actual production and R&D if anyone has more than theories. Live rosin has a much wider variance than BHO and lower terpene %, the viscosity and terp retention require much more care than BHO to get right for carts.

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Heat gun. Fill your carts with the intention to leave a little headroom before you cap, blast it with a heat gun until it stops bubbling, fill the last little bit, cap. The extra headroom is needed so you’re not overflowing over the sides. Honestly even a hair dryer would work as a heat gun will fuck with it a bit too much sometimes depending on the material.

I also like to blast the living fuck out of my needle/shaft/balls with said heat gun before dispensing. Sometimes that will forgo the entire bubbling problem and I can get a clean run. Keeping that fluid path hot as fuck so it’s not trying to draw air from wherever it can helps.

End result:

And yes this is all rosin, I have little to no experience with BHO. All solventless. Simple is better in terms of solutions for me.


Quite literally K.I.S.S :wink: (acronym not innuendo)

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alright you had me at pull air from

But really, the simplest of methods will suffice to keep this from happening. As @SubstituteCreature said keep your path way for the oil flowing into your device within a warm/hot (95°-135°) this can be done intermittently by warming it manually with a UL listed heat gun, or with heating wraps (more recommended) to ensure you keep the oil flowing & give a smooth injection. Be sure to relive the line of any air prior to filling by just allowing oil to flow out till you have a feasible flow rate, each time you refill your vessel for holding the resin.


Summoning satan while blasting Motley Crue and warming the fluid path that way is way more fun but hardly able to be put on an SOP


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Wow. You’re a massive tool. He was telling you to use a diamond miner and burp it like you do your jar, at a larger scale. He was trying to help you, in turn you respond like that.

DoN’t ReSpOnD uNlEsS yOu PrOcEsS LiVe RoSiN.

C02 is all the same, regardless of the extracts its being removed from. It’s far easier to deal with rosin than bho imo.


It also may be a strain issue… because I’ve processed multiple different strains for live rosin carts and decarb them. I noticed I did the same time/temp on 3 different strains once and only one of them had bubble issues. I even tried decarbing without a lid to try and get the co2 out and it still bubbled up and made foamy carts. Some Hash rosin just melts better than others. A lot of different variables to account for. Micron size, quality, terpene level, amount of waxes and lipids. Like you where saying… rosin isn’t like bho it has to have more care (if your making carts with it). And that all comes down to strain selection and using hash that you know doesn’t have this issue as often. And if your just absolutely set on turning any rosin strain into a cart with no foam or diamonds crashing then you may have to “degrade” some strains more than the other. Just my personal opinion :pray:t2:

But if you really want to do it right… buy a LS550 centrifuge and a Tabletop vaccum convection oven. This will allow you to decarb your raw THCA separate from your HTE. Because of that you can decarb in a open beaker with a magstir/hotplate. Then you can reintroduce your HTE back into the decarb THCA. But if you don’t fuge absolutely all of those terps out of your hash rosin then your end result will taste burnt this way.


Yeah I thought the same thing when I read that😂


Heating with a heat gun post injection will cause problems with leakage and also would void alot of carts warranty if they offer one as guaranteed that is not in their filling SOP.

And to the idiot talking shit. Co2 is co2 but live rosin isn’t distillate lol, which is what the original person said. Diamond miners have issues I’ve already listed as well as you’re buying things you don’t need to worsen quality.

Keeping pressure the entire time to lower the Boiling points of the terps is needed, not offgassing terps and CO2 multiple times through the process.

This is why I yell you not to post ideas unless you’ve processed live rosin with them and have done this vs traditional/common methods. It saves me from re explaining the super common BHO talk people love to throw out but have never used for this.

That’s why you leave your lid, unsealed, so terps can escape. Talk about daft. Stop the bro science. We actually do science.


This is hilarious.