Getting into the cart game

I’ve read this article in detail. The findings actually show that PG and PEG are pretty safe. Those levels of the chemicals of concern are very low. There are higher levels found naturally in our bodies because of our metabolism and in fruits and coffee. One inhalation = 1% of the daily exposure limit? If you gotta hit the pen 100 times a day that probably means your cartridge is weak sauce.

Also, they are heating PURE diluent (PG/PEG/VG/MCT) so you would have to correct somewhat for the absolute quantities. Cannabis vape products wouldn’t likely contain more than 10% diluent at most (one would hope). So does that mean each hit is about 0.1% of the daily limit? I dunno.

In any case, I am really concerned about the potential health effects of inhaling MCT regularly. All the arguments supporting its safety are purely hypothetical at this point. Only time will tell if it is safer than vaping coconut oil. Also, you have NO idea about how pure MCT oil is or any potential contaminants (heavy metals, long chain triglycerides, etc etc) when you buy it. I would imagine it would be harder to find a pharmaceutical grade MCT oil than it is to find pharma grade PG or PEG. Just my two cents.


Great point

Hi all…

I have also used wax liquidizer true terps and a product called abstraxx and MTC oil as well.

I have had success blending everything looks great up until you start vaping.

About 1/4 down the coil starts leaking brown oil out of intake holes.

I’ve tried different blends, viscosity, different hole sizes, different cart styles.

Maybe the cart manufacturer is not good?

My wax dirty?

Too much diluent?

Am I mixing too long?

Should I be using a vac chamber during mixing?

Really don’t want to invest more but already invested so much it would be a shame to give in.

Basically I melt the wax/shatter on a hotplate/stirrer to about 110-120 F then add diluent… Last time I used Wax Liquidizer at a ratio of 1.5ml per gram… Stir for a few minutes more and then I capped it off and stored it for 24-48 hours before filling carts to check for seperation… Everything looked good. Clear yellow. Filled carts… Tried to cap them within a minute or two… (Filled 10 at a time… Then capped). Then Left upside down 12 hours per manufacturer directions.

Started vaping and brown oil leaked out 1/4 through turns cart brown/black half way through and obviously taste is effected

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The brown black color comes from microscopic particulate matter burning, or some thing else in the extract is leaving a deposit on the heater.
Try using a syringe filter to remove particulates, see if that improves your success.

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So you don’t think it’s from the wax liquidizer…

More likely from the wax itself? or just dust from the kitchen? Lol.

Any micron recomendation? Would this work

those seem like they’ll do the trick.

you could also use the 0.45micron version, and might find them just a hair easier to get your product through. if you do a winterization step, filtering all the way down to 0.2um while in ethanol is going to be easier than trying to get your viscosity modified pen juice through either of those filters.


Yeah, exactly go for it. As @cyclopath mentioned it may be easier in etoh rater than the juice, but give it a shot and tell us if it helped.

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I would love to hear the result of this. I’ve always thought this problem had to do with mismatching the battery with the oil viscosity which in turn burns the oil, but if it’s just filtration, that is awesome.

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Thanks for taking time to respond.

For $10 I’ll def try filters and post results.

I wish I was making my own, right now using unknown concentrate most likely bho. Pull n snap to shatter consistency

I really don’t think it’s a mismatch battery issue. I’m sure it happens a lot but I’ve tried 3 different batteries and even filled a baby beast atomizer on my box mod with same results. It was 3.5 ml though so I did expect some browning. But it was brand new coil and by the end the oil was black.

All the carts I’ve been using have been all ceramic but I’m trying one last all cotton one now and then hopefully the Liberty V9 with the cotton wrapped ceramic coil if I can get them. It took me weeks just to find the original manufacturer there are so many clones and resellers.

I’ll also try and speed up the process, to lessen air expossure, but not much I can do stirring and filling by hand basically.

And lastly cut down a little on the diluent.

If none of this works its gotta be the concentrate.

Unless it’s the wax liquidizer itself. Maybe I’ll try an empty cart with no concentrate and straight wax liquidizer to see if it burns or stays clear. I don’t know why i didnt think of this sooner.

Thanks guys. Respect

What kind carts u using …

Ccell brand carts changed my game…

So far farm to vape the only thing I’ve had to work decent

I’m using Tru terps product called viscosity at moment, is there terpene cutting agent, tasteless says, pretty close too… For distalites and winterized material… So I’m trying to melt my washed crystals at moment

I have terps to flavor after they melt and I’ll add the viscosity to thin it before the terps

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@StoneD where did you get your carts? Do your ccell have cotton wrapped around coils? I’ve tried a bunch of carts. I don’t know if I’ve had authentic ccells but I have tried a few vendors of ccell as well as basically every ceramic cart carries. The CCell work great for pure distillate or just a little terps but I was trying to cut them down to like 55%THC. I have some true terpes I haven’t really messed with yet. Seems when I add the terps at end it gets all milky cloudy. So the wax liquidizer was what I used last time.

But basically all my carts have been ceramic wickless and I think that’s where my issue lies. I think I need a cotton wrapped coil.Im using a cotton bvt coil tank right now with same exact mixture and I’m more then halfway through with no color change. Fingers crossed

It’s getting like that bc the cutting agent your using…I experienced same issue with farm 2vape but it split into 2 parts and wouldn’t mix together!

Each had thc I could tell but the thin stuff took the true terps and thick bottom I could tell was straight farm to vape, tasted like old still!..

Didn’t read sorry I’m trying to make some myself at moment, I’m using the crystals as distalites once decarbbed!

I’m sorry I’m dummy, did 55% mean they was too strong or no

eBay a local was selling, they have name on it and didn’t come from China,I bought some more off eBay but was Lil more pricey, think 10 was almost 30

They have a ccell for thick oil, the one I have is the thin yes looks the exact same just holes different and something maybe else too… Model number different too put thick oil after name

He told me to check with Apex directly for big orders, eBay cheaper for small

I’m cutting the oil to about 55%thc for economical reasons so it’s about same consistency of a typical eliquid.

I will have to go back to the ccell and look for some small hole ones… Thanks for that. They had the best flavor but kept spitting in mouth.
Yeah Apex labs has come up before I believe they are original maker of CCell.
I have probably 100-200 of the large 2mm hole one collecting dust right now… Lol

Wait the ones I use? Wanna sell em to me lil at time lol I’ll send cash or PayPal first

Sure. PayPal would be fine. Most Mine are .5ml and black or white ceramic tips. And they say ccell right on the base of the cart.

Perfect, 25 , how much?

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Hey guys I been thinking about something

So like when I melt down my live resin for making Vapes with a terp cutting agent that calls for distalites or winterized product…

So when it melts the cloudy stuff gathers together on top while floating in the oil… When I’m pulling the cloudy stuff it messes up, I’m supposed to winterize BUT!

Could I not heat the Live resin to 212f , get melted under vac… Once melted and separated.

Can I not use some kind lab grade syringe filter and in since dewax it this way, bc if filter would work anything like a junkie pulling up dope through a cotton in the syringe,I hate to use the anaology, but I was watching show last night and that’s where I got the idea… You would have to do it hot, and have like 1u syringe filter, I’m sure they make something like this, if hot it’s thin, should suck right though if they make those, thanks all!!!

I paid $2.5 each so $62.50 plus shipping. If you see 'em cheaper for same branded ones on eBay Ill match it.

This is what was happening to me when I used straight terpes.

I don’t know the terms but its lipids or waxes left behind from incomplete winterization.

From what I’ve read on here @Beaker seems to have a good handle on proper winterization on the budget. His concentrate looks like water. Crystal clear.

I gave up on terpes for now until I can get a jar of clear at least.