Getting into the cart game

Welp. I’ve decided I need to start making carts. Since I’m a baller on a budget, I’m using mct oil as a carrier fluid mixed into my bho. Any opinions? Also, I’m having problems with my oil nucleating once it has cooled down. Is my extract not dewaxed enough? Or is this from the mct oil? Odorless terpenes are supper spendy, and dlimonine will make all my extract taste like lemon (right?) Looking for suggestions. Thanks for all the help.

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I’m delving into true terps viscosity, there still plenty meat left if they turn out as good as everyone tells me, the wax liquidizer was ok, but I want stronger flavor too, true terps offers cannabis derived terps from all kinds strains, I got my first one in yesterday sfv og and one drop on g of concentrates, I used old dried that way taste was almost gone, and it’s now sfv og frankensauce… But what I’m getting at they say add one drop even making vape juice to flavor, taste just like the OC pharm pens, my friends telling me the true terps viscosity which is there dilutent may be expensive but worth it making premium carts, beautiful color. I’m looking for better carts… I was using these any suggestion|parentrq%3A465c30fa1630a9cce951607cfff93019|iid%3A1

And I tried using straight true terps and live resin like someone suggested on here, way to much flavor, extremely fake and weird tasting when they that much, it would took 15 drops to fill the carts plus live resin, that many drops enough to flavor 15 g or more of concentrates or vape juice 50 carts with right dilutent…I don’t like PG or Vg I tried sucks, wax liquidizer best so far but it’s PG of some sorts, that’s way true terp viscosity my next choice, be here next week, unflavored terps natural dilutent

Good luck

THC dominant extracts will work better for vape carts due to the structure. If you could fractionate your terpenes, set them aside, and then decarb your THCA you’d probably have perfect cart filling material without any additives since live resin already has such a robust profile. I would suggest checking out the CCell carts, most everyone seems to like them, myself included; very few issues with them so far on my end. I personally am not into the idea of using PG, PEG, VG, MCT, Hemp Oil, or other thinning agents aside from terpenes due to concerns of what I am inhaling, but again, that just my opinion, dissenting scientific opinions are encouraged :slight_smile:
Here is some light reading on the topic of vape pen additives:

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I’m more worried about the cloudiness in my carts now. After a few days my carts have become less transparent and there seems to be crystals inside. I’ve got a guy who wants 5k carts a month. So I need something scalable. I’ve got the carts figured out. And mct seems to work fine for the viscosity. I’m just wondering if the mct is causing the cloudiness? I get less clouds the more I dilute it, but then I lose potency. Or is my problem that my bho isn’t dewaxed enough? I run a pre chiller coil that I thought for sure was properly dewaxing. I can’t get it to nucleat in the honey pot after a run even if I whip it. So why now that it’s all of a sudden in a cart?

I have mixed thousands of cartridges with MCT and have not had any problems with cloudiness.


What do you I’m doing wrong?


A homogenizer works wonders in creating a more stable mixture with mct and bho. The lowest priced ones you can find on ebay will work better then any stirrer or hand can whip


Okay guys I got a question are the c-cell type carts on eBay the same quality as the c-cell brand carts? Thanks all!..

Btw what do most ppl think the dispensaries are selling? Unflavored THC distillates with straight terps? What’s the closes I can get to that using live resin? I bought true terps but to strong for the diluent…I bought their viscosity unflavored diluent, hope it works great just pricey

Has anyone used true terpene viscosity with honeycomb? I’ve only used it with shatter. Currently have a client who’s interested in having their wax turned into something that can be used for cartridges.

With my experience with the wax liquidizer it would turn any extract into a good Vape but didn’t like what it was made of I just ordered my ounce bottle of viscosity 2 or 3 days ago they have me in touch with the specialist now, he’s promised me it works great with any other extracts also except CBD extracts I didn’t get into y or anyting but there you go good luck buddy…

Oh one thing their true terpenes they have the strain profiles ,one drop on a gram will make it so strong tasting of whatever strain you pick or flavor Vape juice to the most strongest flavor, still have wonderful flavors that I wouldn’t touch but I’ve had a few that I would have

I am a distributor for true terpens. They have a great product forsure I only use there products to mix in with the carts or syringes.

Ok I must have been confused when we talked then, so take my live resin, cut with viscosity then it’s ready unless I wanna add flavors with terps from true terps or my own terps

That’s what I would do forsure.

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The ebay Ccells do not preform the same as CCells from an authorized dealer, the difference is in the ceramic heating element which is unseen although on surface they all look the same.

What you will see in a majority of dispensaries is distillate mixed with terps.

Live resin carts are becoming more available and most companies that are producing them are using mct dilute.


I’ve heard bad things about MCT but I’m a noob at vaping, can you share you input on it thanks bro

There is no definitive answer of what long term vaping of MCT will do. It seems to be to new of a thing for the industry to have solid answers.

Here is an article that seems to allude to that MCT is a better option then PG or Peg

I’m sure you can find articles against the use of it


Ok what brand MCT diluent would you suggest, thanks, would I need any equipment? Will it give me the clear golden color, not cloudy yellow…

I’ve looked everywhere all I see is GNC brand is that it?

I have viscosity on the way but it’s looking like that’s gonna cost to much, this is for my personal consumption and I have easy access to material, just not distalites…

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Please let me know something buddy I’m stuck

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