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You ever see that video of some 50-100 Chinese soldiers jogging on a Canadian country road?

Although not being produced in China, I believe this is likely still a Chinese production facility.

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Okay guys today we are drilling 2000 1" holes in tubs

Probably just Canadian kids that aren’t getting enough affection from their parents

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6 x 500 = 3000

just sayin :person_shrugging:t6:

on a happy note, for those who have been following clearmind (NYSE ticker: CMND), here’s a press release following positive data for a serotonergic compound for treatment of alcoholism: Clearmind Medicine

It is a beautifully simple compound, an indane, called MEAI. More info here: MEAI - Wikipedia

I believe we will see a tremendous investment into methoxylated compounds such as these in the near future, as the blood-brain barrier permeability allows for more traditional RoAs


Got an alert last night about them, are they in clinical trials now?

They did 2 holes per side, 4 per tote. What were you just sayin?

oops, was assuming the stickers were holes, usually totes have 6 holes.
my bad