Garage Sale....Getting rid of all my equipment!

ALL PROCEEDS ARE GOING TO PAY FOR A SRI 8610 for personal and community use. I dont need any of this equipment. im gonna post up all the stuff i got here that i can sell to purchase a SRI.

Ill take pictures of this stuff when i take it out of storage…

-i got a brand new SPD i won on IG without a cold trap id let go for $400…shipped… Id even throw on a used stainless cold trap one that hortorio returned a few weeks before his death. for an extra $100 COLD TRAP SOLD*. Spd is pending sale

-i got a used wide bore but bg has it but i can go grab it at anytime. It got double stainless traps…That id let go for half of what i paid used… this is pending sale

-got some used alcatels 2021i that both run under 10 microns. id let go for $450 each. both pending

-used digivac with KF25 fitting…$300

id like to sell all my old equipment sooner than later.

im not really using it anymore and im just letting people borrow it where its not being used either…

All my SPD parts have less than 10 runs total on it. including the pumps.

-Im gonna sell my larger CLS 8x12 base. 1 open jacket 3x24, 3x 3x24 normal spools, 1x 3x18 spool…
i also have another whole top for it with a 4x24" open jacketed spool with top and reducer to run 2.5lbs. with Stainless solvent tank - $1100 shipped for it all. includes crc 3x8 crc kit too.

-I have a Brand new AI 5L Rotovap still in the crate with the dry ice cold trap and the chiller cold trap. - MAKE AN OFFER

-i got a lot of kf25 hoses that i use that anyone can have for 1/2 off my website…ill list the lengths later… Its all going…

-i also have 2x 11" 2 gallon AI hot plates Brand new as well for sale…MAKE OFFER


I wish I had the money to say I’d it take it all! That 3" open jacket though…


Hypothetically speaking, if one were to just get you the GC outright, how much of that equipment would you part with?


8310 or 310? I’m doing the same thing as you. Getting a 310 and doing free community testing


probably all of it… Im just looking for the machine…i think it would cost more even after selling all this.

Im looking for a 8610 with all the bells and whistles…


Never seen that model.

fixed…8610c…id like to get the hydrogen generator…the autosampler…2 columns… id like to be able to get as accurate as possible from the home.


Ahhh sweet. I thought there was a new model I didn’t know about… what you gonna do for hydrogen? Separate attachment?

You answered like you were reading my mind haha.


What all is included the SPD?


I’ll take the $100 stainless cold trap if it in serviceable condition and you want to sell it separately!


its in perfect condition…DM me a email and ill send an invoice.


which one…there is 2…

One is practically a whole set up wide bore but a member has already asked for it.

And a 2L 3 cow spd no cold trap for $400…just glass. Shipped or $300 plus shipping…fuck it…



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I need the rotovap added to the 2x 5lb cls quote + ovens etc.


make an offer on that…its brand new…the price is there. Still under warranty.

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@Etohthekid you still need a roto?

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PMed about the digivac

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I have an SRI 8610c chassis equipped with a TCD that can be sent to SRI for refurb at the cost of about $3500- you end up with what is essentially a new 8610 for cheap- I’ll trade ya


I am possibly interested in the solvent tank. Got any photos or info?

Isnt there some kind of DEA issued licensing needed to be an analytical chemist that deals with controlled substances?

Obviously that isn’t going to stop you from pursuing your goal, just asking because maybe I don’t want to be a sheet metal worker forever :grinning: