Future4200 Read Time Respect

I am so grateful to have found FUTURE4200 earlier this year and love reading the threads here.:exploding_head:
I wanted to know if there was a way to search users by ‘Read Time’?
I know you can be an absolute expert with low read time from some of the users I have already seen and based on advice provided.
Simultaneously as a new user I noticed those with high ‘Read Time’ really make an effort to provide feedback. For new users it also helps in verifying posts versus someone with 1hr read time. The read time really helps me detecting BS statements and when to go down the rabbit hole and dig deeper.
Let me know if this can be searched?
Shoutout to the 3 users I ‘assume’ have the highest read time. Please update me if I am wrong, no disrespect.
Cyclopath - 55days
Killa12345 - 43days
RogueLab - 39days
Saw a large cluster of awesome contributors between 10-30days. Respect to you guys as well.


HOLY SHIT> @cyclopath I thought i was way ahead of the pack but man you are KING!!! No wonder you win the beaker award! WOW i had no clue, and just happy to be on the list with @Roguelab and you! wow! smh!


Seems like the average is 20+ days a year for the top guys.


Whole lot of fun data in here too Future4200


Yes love the Badges, gives an added meaning to leveling up :+1: The search for top users has also been helpful to direct new members to whom to best learn from. Enjoy the likes received to given on some users. If MagisterChemist gives you a like, you can take a shot of whiskey :tumbler_glass: :blush: (comment is the best of spirits not judging :sweat_smile:). Thank you for the community and the opportunity to learn from the best out there.


Click the hamburger menu, there should be a link called “Users”
By default it sorts by the week, but it can be expanded out to “All Time”
Link for the lazy Future4200

It doesn’t look like users can sort by the “Time Read” column, here’s a screen from the admin panel.


@sidco Thank you so much, appreciate it, and cheers :beers: to everyone on the list :muscle:


@KnowledgeSeth quote


:left_speech_bubble: Moments of complete apathy are the best for new creations. — Philip Breedveld


Cool to see 3 of the top 10 read times are FLORIDA BOYZ and 2 members i see on a weekly basis. When we have the whole Florida Chapter of Future4200 together which does happen there is lots of knowledge being shared.

Its also cool to see half of the list are clients or former clients as well. Maybe what @qma said is true. Ive talked to half the members here. LOL Love you all. This place is a large part of my businesses success. I owe you all a lot and why i try to work so hard for you guys. I dont like letting down people that has given me soo much! Thanks guys for making this place what it is!. The best place on earth for concentrates!


Jeez just looked at my read time; 16 days; I’ve spent 16 days of my life leveling up here; that’s roughly 400 hours spent learning from you all.

Appreciate y’all!


Wow yikes, just checked my statistics. You get a like for that. I guess it’s just not a way i express myself much.


give out some more like @MagisterChemist…Greedy with them things huh! You know you get 50 per day!


24 days here.


@MagisterChemist no stress, we get you, not everyone wants to be on IG hitting the like button :smiley:. Thanks for the like going to grab a shot of whiskey :tumbler_glass: :partying_face:


@Killa12345 I saw Elliot spdking was on 50likes given too :sweat_smile: Hoping to not start drama :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:


i guess i should feel privileged i have have likes from both those members… :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

probability of getting struck by lightning!!!


A minimum of 2% of their love :heart: just for you :+1::crazy_face:


I spend entirely to much time here for a hobbyist lmao, I blame @Killa12345 for encouraging me to sign up…


This forum is like crack, I started reading and the community has been so good I read shit I don’t even know what it means. But I was able to successfully get from trim to disty with no knowledge and just reading my ass off until the words made enough sense to implement myself.

Big shout out to these top ten members because I see them on a daily basis helping and putting slot of effort into post. Also for Not spooning but showing people the direction needed for success. Names that come to mind are @Akoyeh @cyclopath @Roguelab @Killa12345 @Demontrich … and really so many more.

Edit: also @TheLostBiologist for his amazing bucket Tek… real game changer for me. Had to add that.

When I jumped on this forum I knew it was a match made in heaven. I’m now on every night and love to read even when the stuff I’m reading doesn’t make sense :joy:

Thank you community!