full-stack webdeveloper!

Hi, everyone!
I am a full-stack webdeveloper!
I have experience Laravel,PHP,Python,Vue, React, MySql.
If you want website, please contact me.
Thank you!


Where are you located

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Thank you for your reply.
I am from Russia.
My name is Yuyuan Zhang

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Do you have any exciting projects going on or some examples of your work or a public git?


Yes, he helped Russia defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016.


Thank you for your reply.
This is my recent work.

  1. https://adnlist.com/
    This site made of by me using Laravel6
    and this site can see only USA IP, otherwise you can see coming soon page.
  2. https://www.420portal.com
    Also this site made of laravel6
  3. http://hackerode.com/
    this site contain all payment gate way.
  4. my git name1: Gerasimov1991
    Thank you for your attention.
    I hope the relation ship with you.

Hi, Thank you for your reply.

Hows the Coronavirus over there in Russia?

It did not spread large.

Ipfs experience?

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Sorry, not experience yet.

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Custom wordpress plugins?

Hi, sure. I am wordpress expert.

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Do you know of a plug-in that would automatically donate a percentage of my sales to a charity?

I know there are plug ins for an option for a donation but I want it to be mandatory with every sale, like let’s say someone purchases a $100 item it donates $5 to that charity automatically.

yes, I can do it.
If you want more chat, I think it is possible.

Not my question but thanks

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Sounds like a custom job. Can’t think of anything like that other than affiliate commissions.

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I’m paying someone to overhaul my site right now they may have a solution, but the longer it takes them the more billable hours it is so I’ve been calling square, WordPress, and WooCommerce and going on some forums trying to figure it out

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