Future4200 backups

Good day sir. Don’t really know where to place this but since you are a mod, thought I may bring up to you. Random question, you may or may not know the answer to, but was thinking about this earlier. I have seen a lot of chatter recently about internet failure. Do you know if F4200 is archived anywhere? Perhaps may be a good idea with all the uncertainties to archive to archive.is or even better, offline. Not really worried about the shitpost threads, but would be a shame to lose the OTSS or CRC remediation threads. Just a thought. Stay safe

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Great question. As of now I am the only one with backups. Anyone can use the rss feature to grab a backup of latest posts.
I currently have a script removing sensitive user information from the DB like password hashes and PMs with the idea I will publish it publicly with the “uploads” folder. This should be everything needed to recreate the site for those who know how to use docker.
What we really need is @moveweight and some other members to direct me how to best setup IPFS, or maybe even ZeroNet to create a static version of the latest backup.

p.s. my personal internet has also been shit lately. Frontier Fiber and Comcast (business and residential) both have gone out more than I prefer this month.


I’m working on presenting IPFS solutions and can provide them if you’re able to allocate a small budget. I’m preparing to provide a full solution for Wordpress and can add discourse to my build out.

Once I release all license holder data, I assume I’ll be able to afford the project entirely.

I have been using IPFS for almost a year, and ZeroNet for even longer. I just have no idea how I would safely implement discourse. I see no way of letting people log in, unless you wanted to get fancy with a centralized login auth. Getting the public facing content on IPFS/ZeroNet would be super cool.

There is no budget, $0. This site doesn’t use ads or accept donations. It is payed for out of pocket in the loving name of open source information. I accepted some cash when we launched for pinned topics from vendors (discontinued) and have been riding that to pay for everything since.

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The solution I’m working on is a static / cache solution if you click login you go to the non IPFS site to create a post.

I have yet to solve IPFS/Static solutions where you can post on in real time.

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Sorry lads, anything more than copy/paste to archive is way beyond my pay grade. Just a random thought to preserve the hard work of giants that came before me. Am grateful for the forum and would hate to lose so much time and energy spent by others

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That is damn near the idea behind ZeroNet, check it out.

So the projects I work on are Crypto IPFS projects mainly, but the work is going to be adopted into mainstream browsers and fast.

I can make Future4200.crypto be a complete IPFS solution by end of the year for databasing purposes.


I am absolutely sure the community would fill up your bitcoin wallet to see that happen.


I would highly recommend visiting unstoppable domains and scooping up .zil, .crypto then the other competitor with .eth domain handles.



Id also love to help the sidco fam with any tech website solutions / sharing information that could prove benefiting


I’m preparing an education on .crypto domains as payment solutions & website solutions. Been on this since 2019. I have a lot of fires in the oven nearing completion and can happily add this and the improved apps for mobile as proof of work projects.


How much?


A few hundred doll hairs and I can get a developer or two to get rolling on something. I have about 25 quotes I can go back to but the ones I liked were 150-500 max to achieve an IPFS Wordpress plug-in. I can easily just request a discourse specific one, then you could release that to the discourse community.

Found this - which is helpful for important files - but won’t be an ipfs cache of every page/post solution

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If you can create static pages that can be or come in a .zip file you can upload that zip to Pinatacloud and get your Hash Code and paste that in your .crypto domain directory.

You may have to download and setup maybe daily or weekly backups of the zip but theoretically that would work