Full Spectrum Co2 in to Shatter?

We extract full spectrum co2 oil, we want to try and turn it in to shatter.

Because of the size of the machine, 30L, and the design we are unable to open up the extraction chamber to scrape out the buddah. I have to use heat to get it out of the bottom. How do we turn our stuff in to shatter? Amazing strain-specific full spectrum Co2 is not selling for shit… except for a few cart sales here and there…

Getting ready to close down doors after 1 full year of running if we don’t figure out how to transform it into stuff that sells, kinda sad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


it will never shatter if it is decarbed


We decarb the trim before running the extraction, should we try non de-carbed trim instead?

there may be more (10x) money in terpenes than “shatter”.

decarbing your biomass before you put it your machine rules out both of those options.

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How hot do you run your extractor and separator column? what pressures? what run times? The decarb rate in SCCo2 will be dependent on these.

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OP is not decarbing in the machine…

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Here are some examples of unwinterized CO2 shatter. Did not have enough production time available to pursue further R&D but I am confident I could make better. Message me.


rumor has it the trick is to quit cooling it a little sooner… see Apeks 20L CO2 Extraction - problem getting material out of and cleaning separator/cup

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I understand that. I am asking what his parameters are because he could get better THCA results from lower temps and run times with non-decarbed input material. I’ve typically seen 1/3 THCA to THC decarbing when running <2000 PSI systems in the 110-130F range.

I am going to be trying some experiments soon with running SC at 1700-1800 PSI and 80-88F to compare THCA to THC conversions as well as reducing color or potential caramelization in the extraction column. The second purpose of the lower temperature is greater density of Co2.


Right there with you brother. I inherited control of my facility almost two years ago now, when I took over the lab was pumping out bland winterized oil cartridges and over-purged “full spectrum co2 oil”. I quickly realized that wasn’t doing us any favors, and pivoted our processes and production to focus on high terpene extracts for vape cartridges, both raw unwinterized oil and distillate with real cannabis derived terpenes.

Shatter will not save you. Shatter made with CO2 extraction is typically going to be lower in terpene content than any hydrocarbon based shatter, and it is difficult and requires specific machinery to accomplish. Not every CO2 extraction machine will be capable of producing a clear shatter without some delicate and time consuming post-processing. As others have said before me, if you decarb your material ahead of time, you are:

  1. Converting all of your THCA to THC (which increases the extraction efficiency in CO2 but prevents the extract from entering the semi-crystalline phase needed to form shatter)
  • Remember, pure “activated” Delta-9 THC is a thick oil/resin while pure THCA is a clear crystal. Shatter is the result of the THCA forming a stable semi-crystalline structure, ideally with a few other cannabinoids and terpenes locked up in the matrix as well.
  1. You are also stripping out a lot of the terpene content of the material by baking it at decarb temperatures. CO2 excels at removing and isolating terpenes from cannabis, and it is one of the main factors in the desirability of your product (other than the cannabinoids). If you are hard set on decarbing prior to extraction, try to find a way to capture the terpenes lost during the decarb via cold trap on the oven, or steam distill and dry the material prior to supercritical extraction of cannabinoids.

Embrace the cartridge market, it is the fastest growing concentrate item by far due to the convenience and portability and if you make a quality, clean product then you will be able to find people who want it. Cartridges and edibles are the #1 entry point to the cannabis market for most casual consumers or newbies. Use quality hardware (price doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality, you need to KNOW and trust your cartridge guy). And remember the final rule of extraction: quality in, quality out. ESPECIALLY with CO2. Can’t make a delicious extract out of water leaf trim and stems.


We run sub-critical at 1250psi/25 C in the extraction columns, of which there are 3 & 400psi/40 C in the collection columns of which there are 2. 16h run with 8 hour turnover.

Some really good points mate, carts sales have been keeping us afloat.

I’d say get a cls and throw that co2 back Into the collection pot and redissolve with bho. Redisolving and blending would be the only way towards shatter imo.

dissolve with BHO?

I’m guessing you mean add +/- equal amount of BHO and dissolve in butane…

currently OP is decarbing before extraction, so even adding and equal volume of THCA from another source isn’t going to yield “shatter”.

Changing the way they run their machine, and looking harder at what their market is actually interested in (as suggested above) seems more relevant than “toss that CO2 machine and go with hydrocarbons”…switching to hydrocarbons is easily a $100k expenditure for a licensed facility.

@SauceBossNW is on point


Depending on what your system parameters are, If your cannabinoids are in the acid form when they collect in the separator, you’ll end up with a shatter like consistency once you run through the dewax and ethanol recovery. The THCa should comprise majority of the total thc content. If you end up with too much ThC that underwent decarboxylation, you won’t get shatterThis is the case for the system I currently used. Terpenes are extracted separate from the cannabinoid fraction. But the taste is shit - well more like lack of taste. Truthfully I dont see shatter much in CA, OR, or WA. Everyone is about sauces now.

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