Full dewax without cooling

So a friend of mine was talking about a method that uses no dry ice or cooling but removes all wax and lipids. Is this possible?

Im thinking of AO cake with tight filtration with oil in a methanol solution but i have a feeling this wont remove 100% of the wax and lipids…

Is it possible future fam?? Anyone done this?

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I assume he was talking about a methanol wash, or is it hexane? I can’t ever remember. @Kingofthekush420 does it he can speak better to it


He was talking about room temperature dewax. Im assuming its via media and methanol? Anyone have ideas? This could be useful for alot of members as dry ice shortages


Methanol works great without dropping down super cold. Hexane on the other hand will not winterize without the use of membranes or size specific filtration as it doesn’t cause any sort of coagulation.


@Beaker would suggest meoh

BHO clean up tech - #16 by Beaker


Damn Walmart is lit.


God bless beaker. Methanol ftw! But its hard to believe room temperature methanol filtration will remove 100% of waxes and lipids…wouldnt a AO cake help? Anyone have data to support this?

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Room temp alone will not remove all the fats and waxes. If we room temp meoh winterize we always put it back in the feeezer at -10c and get more fats the next day after it’s cold.

I’m sure a cake would improve but I’m not sure it would be a 100% on first go.


I think this guy mentioned it. I heard he already posted sop somewhere too


Post it! Everyone spends a ton on dry ice and with the shortages this would help alot of peeps level up! Does it involve methanol and AO?


Post it! Everyone spends a ton on dry ice and with the shortages this would help alot of peeps level up! Does it involve methanol and AO??

I’m not sure racing fuel is the best idea, I’m gonna guess that’ll have both metals and aromatic hydrocarbons in it. Just guessing though


You’re on the right path. Im available for hire. Evaporative cooling is fun too :sunglasses:


So are you saying your warm dewax method removes 100% of wax and lipids?

There are ways to do this, yes. Not sure id call it warm though.

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room temp

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What about membrane filtration?

Not just the 60k filter skid but havent they been doing this for a while now with RO membranes etc

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Kind of ment a bucket tech style that anyone can do at low cost. Like methanol and AO/media filtration…of course spending 100k would work but i know theres some simple methods out there that can save everyone money. Cmon future fam…who has some data that 100% wax removal is possible?


Its possible its dirt cheap and scalable, if you want me to open source the tek, im asking for my classic go-to: 1 10 kilo bucket of w1 from @Waxplug1.



Methanol extraction for precipitation of waxes works great with a little bit of water.

Methanol will push out fats and with addition to water, after the initial fat move will remove the rest of them fats.

I used warm extraction methanol , i use my delta cup bags to remove majority of fats, then filter using hot carbon scrub and then add water to anothet filter.

It doesnt take long, my keg takes me about 2 hours to do filter into a mild yellow/red crude oil that has very minimal amounts of fats and great color at end, i also take disty and do water wash with heptane then roto then dump into spd. Method really makes my product stand out.

Methanol is 2-1 and then i add about 1000 ml of water to my keg. I see fats precipitate.