From Crude to distillate

I’m trying to figure out from crude to distillate what percentage will I end up with off 10L after 2 passes. I tend to get any where form 35-50% return depending on material. Does that sound about right?

50-60% yield after second pass is what I yield

Wow! So first pass your getting 65-70%? Any advice on what I’m doing wrong.

This really all breaks down to the biomass, thc% can vary. Do you know how much of your target compound is actually in there? You cannot get blood from a stone afterall.


Yes, I get 70-75% yield on first pass. Usually run most of the heads and all of the tails into the main body so I can further separate under better vacuum depth during second pass

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I like to go for yields on first pass and “trim the fat” on second pass

I don’t but I’m going to start testing every batch before purchase. What’s a good percentage for trim?

I usually do the same, quick first pass and combined them then run it again slow and steady. What’s your first pass SOP? 220c?

Usually try to ride a 197-200°C vapor temp with a 215°C BF temp during first pass main body. My flow rate is 1 liter/hour

trim crude or trim biomass?

Yeah trim biomass

the trim I see ususally 10% average
so say you ran 10kg your yeild would be 1000 g
After winterizing your crude your 1000g may weigh close to 800grams.
your 800 gr may be 50%thc so your net is close to 600 grams @90% purity.


So your getting 60% returns after second pass?

first pass numbers respectivly

Personally, I decarbed before spd. So drop another 20% on the crude.

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Yep, theres another yeild loss!

Decarbing only accounts for just under 9% loss


Thanks guys for the info. Really appreciate it.

I never get lab tests on my crude because I’ve been working with my supplier for a while and we always get around 60% yields. Someone offered me winterized crude and the lab tests showed 61% thc. I know this may seem like a silly question, but what can I expect in terms of final yields from that winterized crude? Would it still be around 60%, maybe more, or maybe less?

Depends if its decarbed that will be aboit an 8% loss. If your getting 60% from your current crude un winterizes id stick with that. Im running a bunch right now that yielding about 60-65% it about 15% loss in decarb and winterizing, but its super fresh so the reat is all terps

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