From Crude to CBD Isolate


Do you have or know any CBD LLE data sources or papers? Or any links to topics in these forums?


I dont know what you mean by this


To state differently, do you collect LLE data for CBD or related molecules from your own equipment, or are there papers with this data already published? I ask because without this data, how can you know where the ideal operating line is for any separating equipment?

“This data” meaning the phase distribution of CBD compared to the continuous phase of solvent


you go in the lab and figure it out then design equiptment based on your results is how its done.


Gotcha! Thank you. Thank makes sense to me.


Have a look at cannabinoids and there favorit solvents
From the public domain solvents methanol has the highst cannabinoid affinety has som refrance
And Some french papers have Some info
Got to search for that link thou


Great tek works well , i do have a few questions if anyone can chime in , my crystals are comming out yellow. now i know i need to rinse them with cold pentane but after doing so the insides and middle are still yellow. How would one battle this ? I want to tet as clean and pure as possible . Also looking for proper drying time and tek ive got a small batch in the oven at 100 f and under vac yet a day later still “wet”


@nate_concentrate are you breaking your powder up? How thin are you spreading your isolate in the drying pan? In my experience with recrystallizing other compounds, increasing surface area of the powder helps drying.

I’d love to hear others input on this as well…


@munkdooligan going to do more today after my crude runs , but i have broken The crystals up and have done a wash I just lost some , as well as the drying i did crush them and stil in vac at 100 under full vac still sticky/wet after 3 days maybe they are not pure enough like i mentioned they atill have a color tint not yellow as much but still a bit of a color diff compared to pure white


Have you tried recrystallizing? That color you’re describing seems to be standard with the dirt cheap ($6-7k) Isolate I’ve been coming across lately with COAs between 90-93%. That stuff clumps together and is slightly sticky like you’re describing. Recrystallization would probably affect your yield less than rinsing the hell out of it trying to get that color out.


Gunna try today just trying to minimize my loss of CBD to the milk