From Crude to CBD Isolate


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Great paper. Thank you!


Are you collecting the mother liquor of this industrial scale activity for later workup to isolate minors ? Just curious.


For large scale CBD processing I always recommend Heptane extraction to my clients. It’s the most efficient and easiest to purify. I’m setting up a 25t/day facility for someone right now and this is the path I have in mind for them.


How much you charge for consultation?


Winterizing hot or cold
LLE in the pre distillation sop


What are the benefits of using heptane vs alcohol? Cost?




No water or ionic things, no colors.


With the heptane extraction large scale
Will winterization be done hot ( alumina)
Or cold (-20) minimum
And is a liquid to liquid extraction part of your pre distillation sop to get ris of most of the
For i find heptane to pull massive amounts of tar and Waxes


LLE is not industrially pheasable, warm winterization doesn’t work well unless with methanol or boiled in iso/water. I like the process of methanol, but it’s a bit toxic. So cold 95%etoh for now (still over de then alumina)


They perform LLE on industrial scales in many chemical industries. It is highly preferred as a separation technique


I believe I have heard @Future hint a couple times on his live feed that he thinks LLE will begin to replace distillation. I know @Pharmer_Joe was working on this awhile ago and had a pic up on his IG of a countercurrent LLE unit.

I think Future said that the energy input required to evap and condense ethanol at scale is the motivating factor to get away from distillation.

I’m not %100 sure how exactly it would work.

If you performed an ethanol extraction on biomass then do a LLE to remove the cannabinoids, you would still need to evap and condense the ethanol to separate it from all the other compounds it previously extracted, wouldn’t you? Can the cannabinoids be extracted from the ethanol solution via LLE with exact enough precision to not need further distillation?


ethanol is miscible with all solvents so you would have to recover the ethanol and dissolve the concentrated oil in another solvent then run an LLE on that solvent.

Distillation also affords a very clean higher potency oil which is useful as a sellable intermediate which consumers enjoy. LLE may replace distillation if you are starting an isolate factory but if you sell distillate I still see it as a very useful machinery to achieve high potency cbd oil.


Who are good industrial LLE equipment producers ?


Sorry I did not read you questions fully. Lilly is not applicable here. I would just design one personally and have a fabricator make it. It is not difficult to create.


I designed a 450L LLE unit but the amount of solvent that need to go in to it and that those solvents must be either evaporated or disposed of, it’s still quite expensive.