Fresh Frozen vs. Dry - Product Weight

Hi, I am looking to buy Fresh Frozen trimmed nugs but I have no idea how to calculate the price for a wet/frozen pound. I am aware that several factors may be relevant, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a ratio for a fresh frozen vs. dry product or something like that.

Let’s say a pound here (Canada) is 950-1050 right now.

Anyone? The good old, you lose 33% of the weight in the drying still a thing? lol

Take a small amount of the product, and weight it. Then dehydrate the sample. Find the difference between the wet weight and the dry weight. Now apply that to your total weight of biomass to extract.
Thats my .02


I lose closer to 70 to 80% dry wieght.
From there i would say 10 to 20% return on that.
I would venture to say they are selling there product are 3500 to 4k per dried lb.
I need to start doing that. Lol


I’ll pitch in on this …

Results vary by density of the plant matter.

For my test
11 grams of bud lost 7 grams of water for me leaving me with 4 grams
11 grams of trim lost 8 grams of water for me leaving me with 3 grams

Since I course grind for extract, my calculation of 8-10% moisture content = 72% loss on wet weight


The going rate here in Cali for deep frozen is $100-$200 a #. We usually calculate a 75% loss in weight if your going to defrost it. We stay away from deep frozen flower as encapsulated trichs are hard to extract.


How do they freeze their product?

I usually lose 75% of weight from hanging to cured.

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That doesn’t scream scam or anything lol

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Thanks guys. I’m lucky, it is my friend grow and I will do the trim job with him, I will freeze it myself :slight_smile:

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