Freeze dryer in stock in LA warehouse

Hello everyone, we have one set freeze dryer in stock in LA warehouse now.
It is use for the home for fruit and food, and can be used commercially. Both ok, it is a popular model(process 4-6kg one time)
If you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible. Available for pickup in US warehouse.

My Whatspp number is :0086 13849063065, my email is :



Hello. The LA pick up price Including the shipping cost from china to LA warehouse and import tax. Already in LA warehouse. We have one year warranty.

what are the interior dimensions of the unit?
tray size?

this seems to be similar in size for $2895


The similar but not the same. Our product is PLC touch screen system. And 4 trays. The tray size is 200*425mm

They’re the same. Touch screen, 4 trays, same tray size.

Harvest Right has a 3 year limited warranty — which in my opinion makes it the better option.


yeah as a no name brand with no reputation or track record you are gonna need to sell these for LESS than the Leading Competitor not MORE


Does it really dry 4-6 kg at a time lol

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You guys moved that LCD screen real quick

Give me a free one for a review

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Who do we contact if we need this to be warrantied?

I assume you use the What’s app.

Pretty sure harvest rite is 3-6 month lead time as of last week.

Woof. My local grow shop has a small and a medium pharm, I might have to go snatch one up now!

Yes, you are right.

I will try to apply, dear

you can contact me anytime


Scientific Solutions tends to always have some.


Oh i dont want one, just seeing and hearing all the people at my friends store wanting them. There having problems sourcing the skin materials they said.

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