Free Color Remediation Media Sample

Here is a link to our free sample of our CRX color remediation media:

DM me with any questions, or post them up here for me to answer for everyone!

fda_gras_approved Media Bro Pricing.pdf (99.5 KB)

MediaBros_CRX_SDS (1).pdf (996.0 KB) MediaBros_CRX_SOP.pdf (232.1 KB) Sample Pictures of CRX Results.pdf (589.5 KB)

Hey y’all - if anyone needs any additional info on how to use our product, please ask me right away.

Here’s a basic cheat sheet to using our media:

DO this:
Any hydrocarbon solvent will work.
Use a 6:1 up to 10:1 ratio of solvent to biomass.
Use between 150g to 250g of media to 1lb of biomass. (More is better for clarity!)
Use a 3" to 4" diameter column/spool.
Use a 5 to 10 micron screen or mesh on your column.
Run the column/spool directly inline after your biomass vessel.
Use MORE than you think. It’s okay! You won’t strip terps or cannabinoids.

Do NOT do this:
Run crude through our media.
Run distillate through our media.
Run ethanol or CO2 through our media.
Pre wash or saturate our media.
Use any acids or salines to treat your biomass.
Add any silica, bentonite clay, or other adjuncts to our media. (it’s redundant!)

Here’s an example run:
40 lbs of propane
5 lbs of biomass, medium grade
1,250 grams of media in a 3" column.

A (very) simplified process:
Fill your biomass column with hemp or flower. Fill with your solvent at -40C (assuming Butane). You can soak for 10 mins if desired. Pump your solution directly through our media in the CRC column, passing then into your distillation column. Distill out your solvent and your extract should be done. Allow the spent media to degas, then simply discard with your biomass.

Why post this:
We realize there’s a LOT of different setups, and there’s lots of variations that people have run. Our goal in this post is to provide a baseline case scenario to see great color remediation using our CRX media.

In the samples we’ve sent out, the most common response has been positive with great pics and results… and we love it!

But, as always, there’s some folks that aren’t getting the colors they expect. Why? The most common reason is they didn’t use enough media. They didn’t use enough solvent. They ran crude. They ran a non-hydrocarbon (ethanol). They added some adjunct to the CRC column or treated the media income way and as a result… well something wonky happened.

Our media works best as an INLINE process. It’s designed for high flow/throughput with low pressures to keep you safe! It is designed to maintain cannabinoid and terpene profiles, so you can’t go wrong by using more media.

PLEASE feel free to DM me with questions or post replies here. I’m new to Future4200, and I’m a solo operation on this site, so please give me time to respond.

The Media Bro


Here to help! Don’t hesitate to ask questions on how to use our media. :slight_smile:

Do you mean solutions of crude/distillate in solvent or straight crude or distillate? Also, why would CO2 be an issue? It is also nonpolar and should work with similar medias

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CO2 is not non-polar. It can be protonated/deprotonated, which makes it polar-ish.

Edit: I’m an idiot, the molecule is planar and the electron charge is evenly distributed, there is no net dipole moment. CO2 is NONPOLAR. As @SidViscous said.

My bad.


Why not? What will happen if you do this?


Makes me want to try it



Refreshing to see people be ready to correct and learn like this. Just had to say.


It does get weirdly polar-ish if you squeeze it hard enough which is neat though. Still, @Killa12345 seems to be closer on the veracity of the no CO2 clause lol.

I will say that if you aren’t careful with granular zeolite medias running at high pressure, you do get some awesome valve-killing dust so maybe that’s what he’s talking about. Or maybe just because CO2 is the devil?

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I received my sample today, all 1.5kg worth. I have some absolute trash material I’m going to throw at this stuff. I have ran the same material through b80, so I’m Interested to see how this compares.


Pictures for the community pleaseeeeee


On it. Probably this Friday or early next week.


You can, but you’re just adding extra steps. You’d have to re-disolve, and our media doesn’t work as well once the solvent has already been recovered.

If it’s absolute garbage, deviate from our SOP… use upwards of 400-600grams per 1lb of trash.

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We have an IG account:

To be fair, we’re posting the highlights reels… but they’re real world examples. :slight_smile:

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Will do, thanks for the input!

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Let me check in with our scientist tomorrow to answer you SidViscous and TheGratefulPhil. There is a specific reason our media works with hydrocarbon, but not CO2 and ethanol. CRX is more compatible with non-polar solvents. The stationary phase is slightly polar and the mobile phase non-polar.

And yes… the consequences are thermonuclear.

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Well, one obvious reason is you might want to extract with ethanol but then redissolve in hydrocarbon for color improvement


More importantly—where is the SDS?

I can’t warrant bringing in a new product without CoAs from the supplier, but DEFINITELY not without an SDS.