Fractioning off MCT Diluent

Let’s say someone had accumulated a healthy pile of leaky and dud cartridges. In an effort to reclaim usable material from the carts, would it be possible to redistill the drained material and franction off the mct it was originally formulated with? Seems they share a similar BP (200c).

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Try precipitating the fats with winterazation.


Try the winterization and report back if your experiment worked, make sure you get the temps well below -5 C which is the melting point of mct.


Hopefully the terrible taste that a Chinese cart imparts to the oil freezes out with the MCT


This will be interesting indeed.


How did this work out for you


I am seriously asking this question, not trying to be a dick:

Are there carts not made in china? If so can you point me to them?


yeah, I would love if there was a usa made cart! i’d stand behind that!


Can this be done to peg?

PEG is easy just use water.

I salvaged about 300ml of crude by flushing it with hot water in a sep. Funnel i had a heater wrap that I wrapped around the sep funnel to keep the crude inna flowable form. I poured in my hot water, mixed then separated the washed crude off the bottom. During SPD there was about 20ml of water/ PG that fractioned off with the terpenes. Total yield of distillate on that washed crude was like 180g from 250g crude.


I don’t know if there are American carts even bvv looks like Chinese knockoff plus they’re not even on the level for thick oil like some of the Chinese one but there are a few from China that work really well as long as the breather hole is on top not bottom that should stop leaking issues all the cheap 1$ carts are gonna be holes on bottom threads avoid an u won’t have as many leaks. Trying to be helpful oh an ya I would like to know where to get USA made carts too lmao :rofl: for that matter how about USA produced Clothing too everything made in China now :roll_eyes:

When i tried winterizing and filtering using a buchner with some 20u filter paper, it was incredibly frustrating, because the frozen mct creates an almost inpenetrable wax layer that completely impedes the flow to a dead stop. Even with me standing over it with a spoon scraping the oil away, the frozen mct would acclimate to room temperature, taking it back to liquid state and make it through the filter.

Depending on what it was contaminated with, you might be better off just running it through the short path and take that refined azeotropic mct distillate, add your terps and fill new carts with it.

Winterize it then distill it, mct has around the same boiling point as thc so you wont be able to get it all out. You can get 90% out but that last 10% will leave your disty tasting and smelling nasty

tbh if they arent too terpy just maybe dilute with more mct and make lube with it.

Idk the last time I brought this up but when im not working with cannabis I blend and bottle a lot of lube

I should start offering GLG discounts…


So if it were in disty you think I could just do a hot water wash and then redistil? Should I maybe dissolve in heptane first or would that be pointless?