For sale 120 lbs closed loop

Item Model/Manufacturer: Bhogarts
Description: 8 jacketed 8x48 columns, 1 120 lbs solvent tank “, 1 220 lbs solvent tank, 5 hp ice tech chiller, 1 48” horizontal Bhogarts purge tank, 1 24” Bhogarts purge tank, 220 lbs honey pot, mvp pump, 5 n300 nitrogen bottles, 12 jacketed 4x48 columns, extra honey pot, includes everything with vacuum ovens and accessories ready to start. Everything flawless condition comes with everything to start turn key. Many more things to list but to much. Cryo valves ect….

Price/MSRP: $ 50k
Current location of item: Los Angeles
Estimated lead time: Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty:


how did you like running the 8x48" columns?

how was your solvent loss? i can imagine its probably more than a 6x48

I use 200 pounds of burnside and I recover back 180 of it every time I lose about 4 pounds a column


Do you not understand the art of bump?!?

Repeatedly posting the same system is unlikely to improve traction.

4SALE Bhogarts 120lbs closed loop

Would be the fourth…


Why u all in my ass u got nothing better to do than talk down? I’m not playing with u no more stay in ur lane.

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Hey bud there are few people on this forum that I would consider getting into a disrespectful argument with, a grave error, you most definitely picked one of them. Generally speaking @cyclopath gives more advice and help on daily basis to people on this forum then anyone else I can think of. I do get that trying to sell such a high value item can be stressful and we may tend to lose our cool but just try to relax he’s not your enemy he’s just trying to help.
I hope you sell your setup for satisfactory amount of money soon, it seems pretty cool.

I hope the rest of your weekend goes great.


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Not talking down. Being real. Bumping your thread is more effective than posting the same thing repeatedly. If you really need to test that hypothesis, feel free. I personally promise not to flag or delete additional threads, but I suspect they’ll still be flagged as spam.

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You might consider contacting @RuderEquipment

I know this place seems like you might could sell equipment like this in a hurry, but if you actually look at the historical data, you’ll see that even at 40% of retail things languish here for months or even years.

Eg @420guy, have you managed to sell your system yet?


I still have the big system I did sell the chillers the recirculating heater a lot of oddball parts I’ve managed to sell even custom built the smaller system for someone but that big one is still sitting there
The column packer also sold but you’re right my average was probably getting 30% the value which I was fine and a great deal for others.
Couple offers of trade which were considered but still available. I know it’s large and intimidating but it’s a money maker by end of summer I think I will break it down into smaller systems

I built some smaller racks and was considering breaking that down into a few two column rack with CRC systems which may be more appealing to the average guy. I do get people in the market for a system that large are looking for certs. Was half considering breaking down smaller or putting in the blow off valves where they’re needed to make it a compliance system


Maybe come back and list some of those…



I’ll be configuring some of the 20lb rack setups this week. I’ll post picks of the smaller set up, will come with crc as well, the smaller rack will b easier for 1 person to move around it will b light enough to lean back and nitro eject for easy reloading. Stay tuned,


Did that get any of the gear gone?

I sold 1 of the big rack systems, I’m setting the other one up into 4 2 column racks with crcs, I’ll b posting pics soon, I still have a ton of 3/4in compression fittings and hoses

I also have 4 complete 6x18 in crc setups with 3/4in compression fittings I’m looking to get rid of as well, I’ll b using 4x18in crc on the 2 column systems and setting those racks up with 1/2 in compression fittings

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I’m thinking $1500 for the 6x18 crc all setup, I have 4 of them available, rack not included, everything has a price tho lol

3/4in compression fittings, sintered disk etc

Almost finished reconfigured into a smaller setup,
2 6x36 spools, 4x18 crc, bottom drain manifold 3/4in, bottom column 1/2
Will have injection manifold as well, all compression fittings, have steel rack available as well

Price drop to 50k first one takes it! Dm

oooof thats a nice setup, if the bho market wasn’t literal flaming garbage right now id be all over it.

best of luck

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No one’s buying diamonds? :octopus: