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For a sample all you have to do is place and order for any product and use our future4200 coupon code :slight_smile:


Hey LostBoy,

Sorry about the issues with checking out. Good news, your order has not shipped yet, so we will toss in a free sample of Diluent. Also, we will refund you 20% of your order total. Please allow a week or so for the refund to hit your account. If you have any other issues, please feel free to DM me, and thank you for choosing Floraplex!


Thank you for the quick response! I’ll be looking forward to doing more business with you!


Just got cannalope haze and grape ape terps, the cantaloupe is probably the best fruit flavor terps I’ve had in a cart. Tastes very close to the strain. Haven’t tried the grape ape yet, I’ll probably load some carts tonight and report back.


Hi BigTrees!

I think it would be worth your time to try our Terpene Diluent with your shatter. It’s always better if it’s winterized, but I still think it’s worth a try with your shatter, winterized or not.

If you test it I’m sure the community here (and we) would really appreciate a review/report of your experience. I don’t know of anyone who has tried using our Diluent with shatter yet, but if any product has a good chance of working for you, it’s ours.

I would suggest going a bit heavy on the diluent and light on terps for the first test, and test only a little shatter at a time. Maybe something like 15% diluent and 5% strain blend by weight to shatter (Cantaloupe Haze and Bubblegum OG are two of my current favorites). And if that works well, reduce the diluent and increase the terpenes until you’re happy with the viscosity and flavor/aroma. If 15% dililuent does not work well, try 20% or greater - but keep in mind with higher % Diluent you’ll see greater reduction in viscosity (and THC %) of the final product.

I would suggest mixing the Diluent and terpene blends together. Then warm you shatter and mix in the Diluent/strain blend well (so there are no streaks and it’s a uniform color).

Good luck! :man_scientist:

Cutting shatter bho with terpenes sop

I’m stoked to hear that! Super happy you’re happy. I LOVE the Cantaloupe Haze as well :slight_smile:


Hi @CosmicBandit!

Thanks for the great question! :+1:

We have not had third party emission testing for acrolein, formaldehyde, etc. It’s on our to-do list (as is a lot of other 3rd party testing) because we strive to be the industry’s gold standard.

What I can say is none of the ingredients in our Diluent (or strain blend terpenes) breakdown into harmful compounds propionaldehyde, acrolein, and formaldehyde. And none of our products contain diacetyl, acetoin, or acetyl propionyl.

If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


:man_scientist: :woman_scientist:

We have been getting a few questions about how much CBD isolate can be dissolved into our Terpene Diluent. Depending upon the purity of the isolate, 20% to 25% w/w CBD isolate can be dissolved without crystal formation. We recommend starting with small test batches, using at most at 20% CBD isolate, and slowly increase from there.

Mixing CBD isolate, our terpene strain blends, our diluent, and distillate is :fire:

:tada: We are also developing a product that can hold much more CBD, for example, to fill CBD pens. Using all natural, GRAS, food grade ingredients that are free from PG, MCT, coconut oil, PEG, etc.


Hi @BigTrees,

I totally forgot to share the awesome posts @Baked-All-Day shared using our terps and his shatter:


I don’t like distillate and will not vape anything with distillate. I do not vape much and mostly dab diamonds w/cannabis terps that were poured off. I only run fresh frozen so terps taste way better than from dried cured.
I will make up some carts using the Floraplex diluent and terps and post the results and pics. I like as little additives as possible so my carts do not move when cold. If making them for yourself I suggest making them like mine or only a little thinner.
BTW I do a simple inline dewax without any stall time so not as thorough as a true dewax.


The grape ape was really good too. Your terps act as more of a diluent than true terps and the flavor seems more concentrated. I’ll be reordering for sure!


Great to hear! I like that one too. :slight_smile:

If there’s anything we can help with please don’t hesitate to reach out!


im confused by terminology. terps=thin flavor additive for distillate, diluent=flavored/unflavored additive used to thin shatter. is that correct?


Terpines are the major components contributing to taste and smell in most all organic things. Diluents are a substance used to dilute another substance. In this circumstance the terpines (taste and smell molecules) used for flavoring distillate also acts as a diluent even at small quantities. The flavorless diligent is just a cutting agent that is made out of terpines to make distillate or dewaxed non decarbed bho less viscous.


Shatter melted in the beaker

One of 3 mixed carts

What was left in the bottom of beaker

This is Pot Of Gold w/Sunset Sherbet terps. I used 20% diluent and 5% terps.
It will not move in the cart unless it is heated. If you want it thinner like disty carts you will need like 30%+ diluent.
Still has micro bubbles from the magnetic stirrer but they will go away once it is heated/used a few times

Cutting shatter bho with terpenes sop

Sweet! Thanks for the report. Looks tasty :slight_smile:

If there’s anything you need or we can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask my friend!


Well said. Couldn’t have said it better myself! :fist_left:


im getting it…dewaxed and decarbed wax last month, working with distillate this month. using terps with the distillate, didn’t use anything with the dewaxed/decarbed shatter. visible difference in color/clarity between distillate and shatter.


It all depends on the starting material, generally shatter is darker. Carts made from shatter have to be cut, otherwise they are to viscous to flow.


i made a bunch with shatter, but i defatted and decarbed it before i filled the carts. i’d think if i had added terps they would have flowed better, but they flowed ok.