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decarbed bho is slightly less viscous than distillate I think.



do you know at what temperature the terpenes will burn off? i mix with distillate and use stirring rod and heat plate and don’t want to set temp too high.



do you know at what temp the terps will cook off? im using a heat plate/mag stirrer and don’t want to set temp too high. i was using 90©, but was recently told like 150(f), which is much lower.



Hey hispeed!

Keep it below 50’C and you’ll be happy. Slightly higher is OK if necessary, like if you go to 55-60’C you’ll still end up with a great end product.



Sign me up! I want to try it, i dont like the idea of using MCT and was hoping to hit atleast 75% potency on a cbd cart. Highest ive seen is 50% with mct



The terpene stores cut isn’t MCT. I can tell you that for sure. MCT is disgusting



What plant was this derived from? Assuming coconut

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Hi Terppin! That has been discussed in this thread, as well as lots of other info you may find useful. :+1:

Based on various types of odorless and flavorless terpenes including sesquiterpene alcohol and sesquiterpenes. It does not contain monoterpenes.



Some quick research suggests a fractionated West Indian Sandalwood could produce some odorless, mostly flavorless sesquiterpene oils. A book I was reading suggested there’s as much as 40% sesquiterpene content in that material. A lot of it as quoted as being odorless and nearly flavorless with a molecular formula of c15h24.

As I was researching all that stuff I quickly realized I understand little about how molecules must interact with human physiology. How can the shape of a hydrocarbon make it so wildly different from other hydrocarbons with nearly identical molecular composition? I’m not really asking anyone to explain that, I’m sure it’s an outrageously complicated answer.



New to the thread and just wanted to see what others have experienced?

Using a 75-82% broad spectrum distillate and want to use in carts. Has crystalized real hard and will bring It back down to liquid. Is there a recommended % to use in the mix for carts without them crystalizing.


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The Terpenes Store cut is in fact a form of MCT oil, I ask them before! (Unless they changed the product in the past year), still have a 4oz bottle in the fridge

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Sounds like cbd crashing out, floraplexes diuent should be able to keep the cbd in solution.

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That’s what I figured



I’d love to give this product a try

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should terps be stored refrigerated?
how long are they generally good for?
using floraplex terps

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I put my terp’s in the fridge, in the butter compartment (so its dark, not in contact with the light). I got some that are from almost 10 months and they still smell as good as day one. I am no expert tho.

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They should be stored in a cool, dry place. Room temperature is fine. Keeping the terpene isolates and terpene strain blends in the refrigerator won’t hurt them, but, depending upon where you live, inside the bottles may form condensate and dilute the terpenes if the bottles go from a cold fridge to a hot room (don’t put them in the freezer).

The expiration date is listed on each bottle. And while I can’t recommend using them if they’re past their expiration date, if someone did so they would still make a great product.



i was hoping y ou would answer. thanks.

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@FloraplexTerpenes So i noticed the other night when my garage got down to 40 f that your terpene diluent started to separate in the mason jars i have it in, have you had any problems with this? I had similar issues with true terpenes diluent and stopped using it for this reason.



Hi King!

Yup, when it gets cold our diluent will become hazy, but as soon as it’s warmed up to around 50-55’F it clears up and works perfectly. When it’s in a cart this isn’t an issue. We wrote a note about this at the bottom of the webpage for our diliuent.